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Will Dumbo Fly Over Cinderella Castle?

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Original Poster
I'm sure everyone has heard about Disneyland's Summer Nightastic! Where during the new fireworks Dumbo flies over Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I wonder when or if Disney will have Dumbo taking flight over Cinderella's castle?


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Who knows? It may be some time after the Summer Nightastic ends or if we get a new fireworks show at the MK. 40th anniversary anyone??


I doubt it we are stuck with Tink, man I hate her more than Stitch!!!!

Despite her new movie, Tink has been there almost since the beginning. Even during the early days of the "Wonderful World of Disney" on TV Tink was doing her magic. She's been there longer than most of the princesses.


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For me Tinkerbele and Cinderella (more so the latter) I get enough of. There is so much Cinderella - EVERYWHERE.

As for the question - I would love to see Dumbo fly over the Castle. But WDW seems to not be getting any NEW or UPDATED entertainment for a long time. A new fireworks show and Fantasmic update are in order.


Active Member
Wishes is wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes (in a manly way! :lookaroun). It was my favorite fireworks show ever when I saw it in January. Then I saw RDCT at DL in March...and wow. Yeah, RDCT blows Wishes right out of the water, stomps on it, then throws some dirt on it for good measure.

I love em both but, yeah RDCT seriously blows wishes out the water.No competition between the 2 shows at all! :lol:

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