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Will disney still offer a payment to forego room service

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Wendy Pleakley

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Yes. Was offered the option this week.

$10 per night, less one day of your stay, in the form of a gift card.


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dumb question - i wasn't given this option at ASMovies last October - was it because I checked in online? I travel solo and don't need daily room service. How do I opt-in?


A legend.
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Yup, they dont have enough housekeepers so it is cheaper for them to have you skip it, though I think housekeeping is well worth more 10 dollars a night.
Minor correction: They have lots of housekeeping staff. They just prefer not to pay them if it can be avoided. Declining Mousekeeping for one room doesn't do anything. When enough rooms "opt out", they can call a Mousekeeper and tell them they're not needed and won't get paid.

I will never opt in. People feeding their families is more important to me.
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