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Will anyone stay on site any longer?


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With the new genie+, lightening lane and paid fastpass, what is the incentive to stay on property for the premium they charge?

you can get a HUGE incentive to stay at Hard Rock universal by getting express pass and paying $300 per night vs contemporary $900 per night.

you don’t miss out on anything at wdw by doing that (other than 2 hours at night twice per week which is almost nothing) and you save a TON of money while skipping EVERY line at universal without paying for it. Then get a 2-3 day park hopper and buy the 2 FPs at Disney.
I like Disney much better, but I am not exclusive to one or the other...I enjoy both on their respective merits. For 2021, Universal was a much better deal for us. They gave us an amazing deal on season passes, and we used that for multiple short visits, staying in deluxe accommodations for the express passes. One thing Universal will probably never be to me is an extended stay location with programmed days for relaxing. It just doesn't have that vibe for me. I have stayed at WDW (Four Seasons and AKL) without park visits just for the environment.

I was looking at a one-week vacation for January next year and ultimately decided (at least for now) not to do Disney. The new genie+ and other recent developments did not play into it. What did was the park reservation system. I can stand a 3-5 day, exhaustively scripted trip, but for a longer visit, I want to be able to call audibles based on weather, how we feel, how the previous day went, etc. The restrictions on my ability to dictate my own vacation are the breaking point for me booking longer than 3-5 days. I believe our longest stay on site was 9 days. We had a outline for that trip, complete with fast passes for each day, but we made many deviations from that plan over the week. Restricting when and were I can and can't go on a trip will drive me to shorter stays.

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