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Wilderness lodge or Beach Club


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I’m planning our annual pilgrimage to the world in October 2011, this time it’s by husbands thirtieth birthday so we are planning to treat ourselves a little more than usual. What are your suggestions between the wilderness lodge and the beach club.

We stayed at the wilderness lodge for our honeymoon and loved it; however we both like the look of the beach club, especially storm along bay.

Many Thanks.


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IMO you can't beat Beach Club. Storm along Bay is incredible, and the location can't be beat. Walking to Epcot (& the studios if you're ambitious) is definitely a perk!
Enjoy your trip!


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You already know what WL has to offer. You should make a list of what you like best about it and what you think you'd like best at BC. Consider location as well. What park will you be at most?


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WL is my favorite, but BC is nice too. If you plan on spending most of your time at Epcot, BC would be the better choice. If you plan on spending more time at MK, then WL would be best.


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We LOVE the Wilderness Lodge. Seriously don't think I could stay anywhere else! I think it is the best by far. The boat transportation makes it so easy to go to Magic Kingdom, and I love the decor of the lodge.


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In my opinion the Beach Club is the better choice of the two. Beach club offers larger rooms and a better pool area.


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Love WL, but the Beach Club has that great walk into Epcot, Beaches and Cream, and the pool....

I'd have to say Beach Club. Have FUN!


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As others have stated, you know what WL has to offer so try BC. Stormalong bay, the Boardwalk and the world showcase are all so close by.

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Beach Club gets my vote! :wave:

(By the way, I originally read your post as it was your husband's thirteenth birthday. :lol: )


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Love the wilderness lodge, but beach club is fantastic, the pool is as awesome and you don't have to worry about going to a water park. easy access to epcot and studios great walking paths or boat ride.

View at night is beautiful and so many little shops and restaurants to eat at around the boardwalk.

And we love to miniature golf, so it is a quick walk to play.


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If you will spend most of your trip at the MK, WL is a better choice for you.
If you will spend more time at Epcot/DHS, BC is a better choice. BC is so close to Epcot and it is really nice to enter through the International Gateway. The boat to DHS is also a nice peaceful ride.
We just got back from Disney and went to Cape May at BC for breakfast. Everone agreed it was GREAT! This was my first time visiting BC. It looked amazing, loved the pool with the sand. Great things only a short walk away....I hope to stay there next time we get to go to Disney!! :)


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In the warmer months, I would probably choose the Beach Club.
In the cooler months, I would probably choose the Wilderness Lodge.
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