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Wilderness Lodge Adding Gingerbread Log Cabin for 2019


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That's great news!
Hopefully it's already being installed.

Do you know where it'll go? Hopefully near the amazing Christmas Tree in the middle of the lobby.


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Does Wilderness not typically have one? I've never stayed there and will be staying for my first time at WL Thanksgiving weekend, so either way I am very excited!


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Title speaks for itself. Can’t wait for the addition of gingerbread scent to WDW’s best lobby. And I’ll gladly skip Grand Floridian. I’m digging the Christmas additions this year.
I agree, I saw the floridians yesterday and while I know they are not done it looks substantially smaller this year! Can't wait to see the one in the lodge, the most beautiful lobby and Christmas decor on property, I think anyway.

Hula Baloo

Has the tree been put up in the lobby? If not, anyone know about when that usually happens? I will be there later this week.

Hula Baloo

We usually stay there at Thanksgiving every year the tree typically goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Dangit, looks like I'll miss it by one week. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully the new gingerbread house will be complete or near complete when we get there.


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Resorts will all be decorated by Thanksgiving, but the order in which they are done is decided by a random draw.

They start the gingerbread decorations earlier, the trees and stuff go up pretty much overnight.


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We went last Dec. 2018 and went resort hopping to see decorations. We thought the Wilderness Lodge was the nicest of them all.
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