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Has anyone done the new Wild Africa Treck at DAK? If so, how much was it, was it worth the money? I was thinking of surprising DW with something different and since Kilamanjaro Safari is one of her favorite attractions, I thought this would be great.

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I believe it's hovering somewhere around 180-200 per person nowadays.

I do recommend it though, I thought it was great fun! I kind of wish there was a bit more too it, but I still thought it was excellent!
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When I paid $120 for the introductory offer, I thought it was worth it.

For what they're charging now...I don't think so.

The most frustrating thing for me when I took it was that, because it's an "onstage tour", the guides have to answer all questions as though you're actually in Harambe. So, you can't ask anything about feeding, animal care, etc.
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A friend did it at the introductory price and absolutely loved it! My kids are too young to do the trek now... as soon as they are of age, we're doing it!
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Booked it for December 29th and the price was $249 per person. Hefty, I know but Christmas week and all. The wife wants to do it, so we're going for it :)
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Morgan and I did it two weeks ago. Best $189/ea I've spent in a while. :king:

Three hours first thing in the morning we saw lots of animals, even the lion up prowling his rocky outcrop and roaring! Had up-close and personal encounters with hippos and crocs and two fantastic guides. Our guides did answer some questions out of "character". I'm waiting for my pics CD to write my trip report.

The trek is most assuredly worth it IMO!
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My wife and I did it last week. We really enjoyed it. Guides are very knowlegable about the individual animals. Food at snack time was hit and miss. Up close and personal with hippos was really cool, up close and personal with the crocs was a little less exciting, as they didn't feed the crocs like they did the hippos. Crocs just kind of lay there.

Rope bridges are fun. Safari was as good or better than the Sunrise Safari. Pictures on the CD are great. They take some real good shots.

We paid 189 per person. I consider it a splurge. I would recommend it to others, but would likely not do it again, just because there are other things still to try at WDW!
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Not trying to be self righteous or compete, but I was in South Africa last year and rooms at a top resort located inside the oldest game reserve on Earth were 100 bucks a night including a 5 star buffet and South African wine and 3 different, 3 hour game drives with conservation experts didn't cost me as much as what AK is asking for one Safari.

I'm just like the rest of us and give up a huge amount of my disposable income every year to be a part of the magic, and I can understand for those who may never go on a real safari, it would be worth every penny, but Disney has got to stop gouging for everything. I make a very good income, but the prices have become ridiculous. My GF and I could have stayed at the four seasons in Maui for $200 less per night than what it would cost for a Savannah view. I love you Disney, but you're killing me with cost...
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