Why do you think people still go to WDW?


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Happy New Year,

Very basic question, reading through some threads it would seem that Disney is just bad yet folks still come. So why do you think it's still an attractive vacation destination?

Edited to add:. More geared toward the new comer, I know the huge fan will discuss the parks more critically. I guess a better question for the more serious fan could be would you recommend a trip to Disney to a friend.
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1) Some people posting here haven't been in a long time.

2) Some people can discuss certain details critically while still finding joy in the rest, so continue to go.


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Because even without the live entertainment, shows, parades, fireworks etc there is still much to enjoy.

Because it is perfectly possible to be critical of the state of the parks and yet still love them.

Because I have seen very few reports about how awful things are and lots about what a wonderful time they had.

Because people have been under restrictions as to travel and things to do and now feel they need a vacation. Disney is seen as doing better than most with their distancing and mask enforcement, so they’re happy to come. Whether a last minute break or something that’s been booked for a while.

Because DVC members have to use their points somehow; some are doing non-park stays if they don’t feel comfortable going to the parks or just because a few days away is just what they need right now.
People have rented points and since they can come they will do so rather than lose their money.

Because early reports were of walk-on rides and low crowds; although crowds have increased and so have wait times people are still enjoying being able to do everything there is to do in a park in one day.

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We went a few months ago, and had a great time - but our “great time” may be someone else’s waste of time.

I would absolutely not recommend a first visit right now. As expensive as it is, as much as has been cut back, I’d find it hard to see the value or to get the full on “magic.”

For me, those things don’t matter nearly as much. We are fortunate enough to have been so many times, we won’t miss many things. We can be happy staying at the resort and popping over to a park for a few hours here and there and just walking around, eating, doing whatever is a short wait. We have Florida discounts and Chase Disney points, so our next few-day trip will likely be zero out of pocket expense, or close to it, and it’s just a 3 hour drive away.

With realistic expectations, we routine visitors who are happy just to be there can have a memorable visit!
I’ve been visiting Disney World since 1979. The “new” Disney World reminds me of yesteryear only on steroids. Long lines but many more options. We went in October and December and our longest wait was 90 minutes in October for FOP.

If anyone experienced Disney World in the early and development years, this past year was very reminiscent only many more options. I for one loved our past trips as all seemed to flow much more smoothly. I loved being able to walk anywhere at anytime at any park and not have to weave though people lining up hours early for a parade or fireworks. I loved the spontaneity of the Characters as well. For those who have experienced Disney for the first time at its peak, I can understand some disappointment.

As I mentioned to a lot of people and us Disney is about making memories. I have wonderful memories of my first trip, last trip and all in between. I could not tell you what I ate, how much it cost, what characters did, etc because I don’t care. I live in the moment at Disney World. Disney World is what you make of it and my family and I always have a great time!

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1 My standard motto is that the very idea of WDW is so great, and that WDW was built so well, that even at 50% it is still good.

2 If they are awash with cash, share my lack of good taste, and seem like they would enjoy it, do go check WDW out one time.

Also, I take FoxxFur's stance: WDW might no longer be the WDW for its classic fans, but it might be somebody else's. I whine incessantly about WDW, but not about or to people who do find enjoyment in developments I personally might regret. If TSL is your idea of unparalleled theme park experience, then have a good one!

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Disney is in my DNA.
My parents started going in the early 70's.
I went before I was even born.
I go back time after time partly due to tradition/nostalgia but mostly due to loving the attractions both old and some new and just that feeling you get when there that the real world is left behind for a few days.
I'm not one of the folks that complains yet still goes.
If I don't care for a place anymore I simply quietly stop going.
Yes I recommend WDW to my friends and in fact have gotten some hooked on it.
My tattoo artist went for the first time last March and when I finally got to see him again in October he told me he finally "got it" and understood the magic of walking into MK and seeing Cinderella castle.


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I understand that covid is terrible and very real. But we go (with safety first) to help promote folks being able to have a job. Yes, it puts people at risk, but without attendance, Disney doesn't need the people working. That would cause even more people to struggle. When we went in Sept and Dec, we cash tipped every person we could. Unemployment ran out for so many people including my friend that works at DL. So he had to go find something else for a job and hope he gets called back when they reopen DL. I didn't go to be selfish about taking a vacation, I went to promote the need for the folks to be employed.


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That's an interesting question and one that probably has lots of answers. For our family, we've been so many times in the last 10 years or so that we don't go for any one thing. For rides, I like Universal better but I prefer going to Disney. I think it's just the feeling you get, the excitement when you get there, especially at rope drop. The anticipation and hope.

The problem these days (my opinion) is that people are way too rushed and in a hurry to see everything, do everything. Disney is all about the experience, which you can't get when you're rushing from one thing to another. People have less patience now, or at least it seems that way and I think many people don't truly have an understanding of what Disney parks are. WDW is not Universal, or King's Island/Dominion, or Six Flags, or Cedar Point. You have to understand what Disney is, it's a "theme" park, not an "amusement" park.

Reading these threads can be depressing because it does sound like no one likes WDW anymore. All you see, for the most part, are complaints about this or that. Somethings not working, or the paint is peeling, or they are charging more for parking, or whatever- the list of complaints is long. I'm not saying those aren't warranted issues, they are, but at the end of the day Disney is still the greatest theme park in the world. Not necessarily greatest "amusement" park, but greatest "theme" park from top to bottom.

Again, just my opinion...

**edited to actually answer the OP's question...yes, I would definitely recommend Disney to a newcomer, BUT I would take the time to explain to them what Disney is and isn't.


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I went in 2019 after 15 years because:

A. It's been a long time.
B. My GF (now wife) never has been.
C. I wanted to propose at MK in front of the castle like a cheeser.
D. See Halloween decor!

We went in 2020 because:

A. We only did 3 days in 2019 and we didn't think it was enough, so we did 8 nights/7 park days this time.
B. It was our delayed honeymoon.
C. We wanted to see Disney decorated for the holidays.

Now..we probably wont go back for a few years. We would like to go on a cruise, do Universal, and a Euro trip at some point in our lives :) However, we will most definitely be back to take our kids (if we are blessed to have), or else, do another Disney Christmas trip, except this time post covid. Maybe 2025 :)


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Happy New Year,

Very basic question, reading through some threads it would seem that Disney is just bad yet folks still come. So why do you think it's still an attractive vacation destination?

Edited to add:. More geared toward the new comer, I know the huge fan will discuss the parks more critically. I guess a better question for the more serious fan could be would you recommend a trip to Disney to a friend.
This is why I take my family to WDW:



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IMHO I'd still recommend people make their first trip to Disneyworld (I say that with Goofy staring from my coffee cup) if they are looking for somewhere they can enjoy themselves with their family. I'm not in favor of "Disney Death Marches", schedules filled for every hour of a day, Must-haves that preclude relaxation or spontaneity, or Dawn until Midnight go go go.

Value optimizers dont have fun.


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1. A challenge for forum posting is tone. Imagine someone giving the command, "Sit down." Could be sweet/softly spoken, loudly to large group, or angrily. And who gives the command? A child, a woman, a man, a senior, a young girl. A seven foot man will get a different reaction than a five year old girl.

2. Forums are informal writing, our inclination for brevity tends to invite misinterpretation. We type, sit down, with readers left to interpret tone and voice all on their own. Mild disagreement comes off as anger that isn't intended, which then triggers real anger.

If it helps, for the life of me, I can't understand why posters have kept the main/original COVID thread going all this time. Isn't it futile at this point? Why would anyone visit a DISNEY forum for COVID advice/information? Yet the same few people keep posting day in and day out.

3. WDW visits are way down during the pandemic.

4. There are many ways to visit WDW, it isn't just a one way or no way experience. a forum post doesn't tell us anything about how often someone visits, how long they stay, how many signature meals they ate.


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Putting all COVID related issues aside (it is an anomaly) we do NOT go as much as we used to, and when we do go, we do not do as much 'stuff' as we used to.

It is not an all or nothing choice. There are degrees of going (at least for us)

We used to go every year, and often multiple times in a year - we now go much less

We used to get tickets for every day we were there, and sometimes APs. We now skip park days at times.

We used to eat at a TS restaurant every single night. We now do maybe 2 per trip, if that.

I can go on and on, but the reality for us is that the value HAS declined. Not so much that we no longer want to go at all, but enough that we temper our trips, expectations, and spending accordingly.


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Despite the negatives that have been posted and the various discussions about the lack of value in what a trip gives now... we will still get enough enjoyment, entertainment and excitement out of our 2 week trip back in 4 months. This will be our first real family time together with DS since Covid began. Doing WDW at our pace and in our way is still going to be doable so we will get past the masking, the social distancing, the mobile ordering and everything else that will make this trip feel different.
I would still recommend a WDW trip for anyone whose been before, because they can still find enough to enjoy. For someone who has never been, I would tell them to wait it out until things return to normal, only because I know how much more they would have to experience their first time in a fully complete Disney day.

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