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Who would be a great alternative to Rock N Rollercoaster?

Lands of Wonder

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I always thought ZZTop would have been an awesome band to feature on that ride, that iconic look and maybe a peppers ghost of the infamous hitchhiking ZZtop spearing and disappearing on the side of the road from Give me all your loving. I also thought maybe AC/DC or Guns n Roses.


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If we have to go IP, then Baymax Coaster featuring Fallout Boy. Instead of Aerosmith in the sound booth we are peeking in at the University Lab. A new Villian is attacking San Frantokyo and we have to board a new vehicle invention the crew has invented to help the heros save the city.

Poseidon Quest

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The problem with changing the artist of Rock n' Rollercoaster, is that there will never be a majority happy with the change. The novelty of speakers on a rollercoaster has passed, and it's time for a complete retheme away from music.

What I would personally like to see, is a retheme to a run-down part of town in 1940s L.A. to go with the classic Hollywood theme. Guests enter into a warehouse full of stolen goods before gangsters arrive and they escape out the back, boarding the coaster. At the point where it currently counts down before launching, recreate a scene like The Public Enemy from the Great Movie Ride, where a car pulls up and guests find themselves in the middle of a shootout. When the train launches, the theming can be adjusted accordingly to the 1940s theme.


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Iron Maiden. Theme the ride to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album... have Moonchild blasting in your ears.....god i would love this.

I honeslty could see that ride leaving when/if they ever redo the northwest quadrant of DHS.

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