Who should voice Spaceship Earth's "Story Light" starting in 2022?


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I was kind of hoping for Ryan Reynolds to do the new Canada pavilion movie.

But then I realized he'd just spend the entire runtime making jokes about Celine Dion.
I'm hoping that the new one starts with the narrator and Martin Short, but this time Celine Dion does show up.


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Samuel L. Jackson, MFers. 😆
They'll build a second SSE just for him. SSE Yellow, which will be the G rated version, and SSE Red, which will be the full on uncensored version. Souvenirs in the Red gift shop will say "I'm at MFin Disney World MFer!"
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So apparently as part of SSE's long-awaited overhaul, Disney will be implementing a new narrative device to the ride known as the Story Light, who will serve as your guide through the history of human storytelling. Personally, when I think of a character who is literally a beam of light, I could most easily imagine such a character having a soothing feminine voice of sorts. If Disney wants the Story Light to have a higher-pitched voice (taking the name of the character literally), my top choices for the role would be Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Hendricks, and Jessica Chastain. If Disney wants a deeper voice than that (not taking the character's name as literally), then I would suggest Lupita Nyong'o, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, and maybe even Charlize Theron. But if the Story Light happens to be a male, however, then I could most closely imagine either Chris Evans or Benedict Cumberbatch lending their voice to the character (as long as they whisper their narration).

When you think of Spaceship Earth's new "Story Light," whose voice first comes to your mind in that role? Feel free to share your thoughts down below!
I think Idris Elba.

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