Who else loves and miss the Spectromen from Spectromagic?


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Paint The Night did do a shoutout to the whirly balls during the finale with Mickey and friends.

I think that's a SpectroMagic shoutout in Paint The Night too.

Definitely a SpectroMagic appearance at the 14:30 mark of this video from Disneyland.



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Glad I'm not the only one who's slightly obsessed with the Spectromen! I love watching videos of just them because I still want to be one of the ones on the spinny balls. It sucks that you can't find the music or audio from them anywhere. The one with the deep voice is also my favorite! I don't like the ones with the creepy light up masks but the newer ones. I miss them so much!


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I do not miss them,
because they fuel my nightmares.



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These guys are pretty darn creepy. Spectromagic, to me, is one of the best things Disney World ever produced. That musical score and parade were my childhood. Disney hasn't been the same since it left, SO sad.

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I liked the 90s Spectromen, after that they were just plain creepy. I was suspecting they would be fairies when we were all convinced Spectromagic was coming back


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I miss both of them too....seems that's all they do is take things away and increase prices on everything.....
I guess UNIVERSAL will be the place to go


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To bad there’s not a high quality soundtrack out there of the original version of Spectro with the original Spectromen voices.

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