"While wearing a Birthday Button at WDW..."


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My fiance had happy birthday sang to him by the whole bus on the way back from the magic kingdom all the way to port orleans french quarter. It was pricelss and fun all at the same time. :ROFLOL:

He was also suprised at Cinderellas royal table during lunch.


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I wasn't wearing a button, but when at boardwalk and filling out the paper work for renting bikes I told my DH I still had 2 more weeks of being 36 when they asked the age and the CM then gave us the bike rental for free. It was very kind especially since my birthday wasn't for a few weeks. :kiss:


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...Fill in the blank!

Just curious what people around here have witnessed or encountered while wearing a birthday button.


Almost every CM at EPCOT addressed me by my name and wished me Happy Birthday.

The CM at American Adventure came up to me and told me I had a call waiting for me on the phone inside. Goofy sang Happy Birthday to me.

In Japan I got a lot of attention and jokes thrown my way by the chef cooking our food. He also stole my fork and wouldn't give it back to me when I had given up on the chopsticks cause it was taking too long to get the food to my mouth. :ROFLOL: Then they brought out a Happy Birthday Chef's hat and a piece of cake for me. All the CMs and the people at the tables in our room there sang Happy Birthday to me.
It made for a fun day.

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Everyone tells you "happy birthday." Everyone. :dazzle: :lol:

Ask Shan - you say "thank you" so many times that you might accidentally slip in "you too" like when talking bout a holiday. :ROFLOL:


I did that too....I got a whole Magical Moment 1st Familly thing at AA of all places. I was in heaven :D:D:eek:


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We had a great time at 50's Prime Time for my birthday a few weeks back. First off, I got a birthday cupcake which was sweet. Then a manager came to the table and said if I could answer two out of three questions he'd give me a skip-the-line pass for my party for Tower or Coaster. The first question was which park was the biggest, the second was to name three structures around the Resort that are the same height, and the third was to name who WDW was named after. :lol: That was a great lil thing.

Later on in EPCOT Center that night a CM came up to us as we got in a somewhat long line for SSE. He asked me if it was my birthday, and since it was I shouldn't have to wait in the line... so he backdoored us and we boarded at the exit. :D


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While wearing our "Just Married" buttons, my husband and I got a lot of fun perks! Have never celebrated my birthday in Disney though!

-Congratulations card from Mickey & Minnie in our resort room
-Personal phone call from Mickey singing "Here comes the bride" at Polynesian, and received a magical moments certificate afterwards.
-Decorated window table at CRT princess breakfast
-Bumped up to first in line to meet Cinderella, very long line.
-Chosen to decorate the Magical Moments Christmas Tree in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, and got a certificate for it.
-Free appetizer at The Garden Grille
-Free 'congratulations' mickey mouse cake at Garden Grille
-Free Lilo & Stitch dessert and blinking Tinkerbell at Kona Cafe

We expected & asked for none of the special things that happened - it was all just a bonus of getting to be there on our honeymoon! We didn't take our buttons off anywhere we went - and people were so nice!


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...In Epcot in the American pavilion some one stopped my kids and had Goofy sing them both happy bday over the phone. Then walked them to the counter service and gave them Rice krispy Mickey ears. Now DD has Celiac so she couldn't eat it but I never said a word to the guy because she loved the fuss anyway!

It was great they had a lot of fun!

Those American Adventure people have fun intween shows with birthday people! we went in, he said happy birthday and AFTER the show he had me call mickey for the birthday message, then took me next door to the restaurant, where EVERYONE sang happy birthday.. Then i get a dessert (not Rice krispy though...) and my choice of a fork or spoon. it was magical :sohappy:

other than that free dessert at some quick service locations and lots of people wishing my a happy birthday.

Just be careful of Cindy's sisters.. they will heckle you if you wear the Birthday button even one day AFTER your birthday :lol:


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We just celebrated DS 5th bday there. He wore his pin every day. I think every CM we saw wished him a happy bday. All the characters (including Santa) made sure to point it out. Mickey even wrote it in his autograph book. And I think at every sit down restaurant (including breakfasts) he was given a bday dessert.


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While wearing a Birthday Button at WDW ...

... I've gotten lots of stickers.
... I've gotten sung to by a few people.
... I've gotten a kiss from Aladdin.
... I've gotten a free ice cream.

my cousin who turned 10 ...
... got free cookies.
... got hugs from lots of Princesses. (He's in love with Cinderella, it's so cute.)
... got to skip the line at Splash Montan

Of course we both got many "Happy Birthdays" and smiles.


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...my boyfriend got 2 fastpasses for rockin roller coaster!

...my mom got a fruit tart thing (it was huge and so yummy!) and a coffee from one of the women working at the pepper market in coronado springs!

...lots of random happy birthday wishes :)

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