Which would be best for a honeymoon: Disneyland Paris or DCL?


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My wife and I were cms at wdw for a few years and have already done DL in California. For our honeymoon we are trying to figure out DL Paris or a DCL. For DL Paris we’d do 4 days of Disney and 3 days of the city of Paris (or vise versa). The cruise we’d sail out of Port Canaveral and do a 7 day. My wife said she wants to wait for the cruise until we have kids (too expensive though imo lol) but we’ve known a ton of people who’ve done the DCL and say it’s the best Disney experience. Any advice would be great. Thanks!


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DCL is bigger and better than paris.
also the weather is very hit or miss at paris. even in summer.


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I'd expect DCL to be more "Disney" than DLP, but Paris overall (IMHO) would be a better honeymoon destination than a cruise. But that's just me knowing my DW and her preferences.
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