Which resort should I stay at for my Disneymoon?


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I have only been to Disneyland. I love Disney. I just got engaged on new years Eve/Day 2017!
My Fiance and I are planning our Disneymoon at WDW for mid Jan 2019.
Any suggestions on where to stay?
We will be going for 2 weeks.

Thank YOU!!


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Glad your post made its way over here!

Congrats! Not sure what your budget will allow-decide on that first.
DH and I stayed at the Wilderness Lodge for our Disneymoon for just about the same amount of time as you. We found the nature-y, Pacific Northwest atmosphere to be very romantic and calming. We had an amazing Disneymoon and got a great deal at that time. I believe it was like 20 or 25% off the room rate. WL is also one of the cheaper deludes along with AKL so we got that deluxe vibe without breaking our bank.

Honestly, anywhere you choose will be magical since it's for a very special trip.

Ps-helpful tip: consider extending your shower/wedding gift options to accept Disney gift cards or cash towards your honeymoon. We did this and found that our guests loved contributing to our honeymoon trip and obviously it helped us a lot with paying for what we wanted.

Happy planning!


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That's the plan to have the bridal shower and wedding gifts be towards our honeymoon.
We are planning on a small wedding because we would rather have more money go towards the Disneymoon.

Wendy Pleakley

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The answer will depend on budget of course, but:

I would not choose a value resort. The moderate resorts include expansive grounds that you can walk around, soak in the ambiance, have a nice meal, etc. A suitably romantic setting for a honeymoon. Value resorts tend to be where you stay if you just need a bed to sleep in.


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My vote-
Poly or GF. You can order room service, cocktails, and watch Wishes from your balcony :). I think that's pretty romantic.
Plus all of the other restaurants, lounges, pools, and atmosphere that they offer. And it's so easy to hop between the 2.


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My wife and I had our Disneymoon just last month. We spilt up 11 days between The Cabins at Fort Wilderness and Port Orleans French Quarter.

FW Cabins give you your own private space, full kitchen and everything you would need in a small cabin. Plus you can park right outside your cabin so that means carrying two weeks worth of luggage won't be so bad.

POFQ is probably the smallest moderate resort which gives it a nice feel that the other don't have. Theirs only one main bus stop which is only a 5min walk from any room. Plus you're on a waterway that connects to Disney Springs and you can take a boat ride to/from which is really nice and allows you to go be adults and have a drink or two at one of the places in Disney Springs and not have to worry about getting back to your resort.


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If you can spring for one of the deluxes, I would do recommend going to one of them but there is nothing wrong with staying at a moderate resort. My wife and I stayed at Coronado Springs for our honeymoon. Some people bash it for being the convention resort but it really didn't bother us at all. The other knock on Coronado is that it has less Disney themed decor than some of the other resorts. This, again, didn't bother us as we thought the more toned down decor made for a classier room. Plus, a more grown up vibe means less families with little kids and thus a quieter stay. The grounds were also very nice and made for pleasant evening walks.

You may also want to check out Port Orleans Riverside. I have heard it is the most romantic of the moderates. I will have a better idea whether or not that is actually true after I stay there this May.


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Very easy. How much can you afford or willing to spend? The deluxe resorts are better. For 2 weeks, I would choose 1 week at the Contemporary and 1 week at the Poly. We had ours at AKL and it could not have been more perfect.


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Another vote for one week at Contemporary and one week at Polynesian.

We just returned from the Contemporary (theme park view room) and had a fantastic time! We booked a bounce back offer for the Poly for our upcoming July trip.


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Did the same thing in september Port Orleans French quarter or Polynesian. We stayed at POFQ but if we were five times richer would have done the Poly. POFQ was only 160$/night, POLY was 600/night. blahhhh.


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Definitely a deluxe resort if it fits the budget.
Poly, or Grand Floridian are beautiful for the location, monorail access and views of the Magic Kingdom.
Beach Club/Yacht Club, and Boardwalk have an advantage of a stroll to and from Epcot. (and Hollywood Studios via a longer walk or boat)
You can end your night at Epcot, after dinner and illuminations, and stroll back to your room..
Quite a bit more romantic than hopping on a crowded bus.
(You can take a boat to and from Epcot too.)


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or...do a week at the WDW Resort...and a week on DCL....

This is actually a fantastic suggestion..

OP- maybe if you have 2 weeks do one at a WDW resort, and the other a cruise out of Port Canaveral, or even Ft Lauderdale. I would recommend doing Royal Caribbean or NCL though. That way you have a week of Disney and then a completely different experience..perfect compromise with your husband who may or may not be prepared for 2 weeks of Disney.


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I was thinking about a week at WDW and then the 2nd week on a Disney Cruise and i brought this up with my fiance and he liked the idea. But then he countered with 2 weeks at WDW and for our 1st anniversary we could go on a Disney Cruise. I couldn't argue with any of that :)


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My husband and I just returned from our Disneymoon last month! We spent our time between the Poly and Animal Kingdom Lodge and it was perfectly romantic! The late boat rides back from Magic Kingdom and walking the grounds at night were magical! We loved our savannah view room at AKL and enjoyed drinking our coffee on our balcony every morning! If a deluxe isn't affordable, I would recommend Port Orleans French Quarter :)

Andrew C

You know what's funny?
I was thinking about a week at WDW and then the 2nd week on a Disney Cruise and i brought this up with my fiance and he liked the idea. But then he countered with 2 weeks at WDW and for our 1st anniversary we could go on a Disney Cruise. I couldn't argue with any of that :)

This was what we did for our honeymoon a few years back. First week at the Grand Floridian and the second week on the Disney Fantasy. We had an amazing time so I would keep it as an option just in case his counter doesn't work out. :)

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