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Which park on what days and best way to see each park?


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Our first trip to Disney and we didn't plan in advance. I would love to get some feedback from everyone here.

I downloaded the Disney World App and we are purchasing tickets today and going to link them to the account.

*Visiting parks 4 days from Sunday-Wednesday January 26-30th. I used the crowd calculator here but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what park on what days. https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/

Ideal planned park visits:
2 days- Magic Kingdom
1 day- Animal Kingdom
1 day- Hollywood Studios

Sunday- Animal Kingdom
Monday-Magic Kingdom
Tuesday-Magic Kingdom
Wednesday- Hollywood Studios

1. Can someone give me guidance on what parks I should visit on what days we are there to minimize the crowds?
2. Is there some sample itineraries for each park how to best walk through so we are not bouncing around all over the place?

We are not stressing about stuff and will just go with the flow :)
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Tony the Tigger

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I haven’t looked at the crowd calendars for the specific dates, but some general advice based on my own experience:

Avoid MK on a Monday. A lot of people choose to go there first.

Avoid parks with Extra Magic Hours. They tend to be more crowded over the whole day.

Exception: if you are taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours in the morning and get there early, that first few hours can be well worth it.


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There are varying opinions on which days are the best to visit which parks depending on whose site you visit. I go by.. MK...tues & thrs, AK.. tues, wed, sun, HS.. mon, wed, sun. Crowd calendars will also vary and arent going to be as accurate as they once were, but they are better than nothing. They at least give you something to go by. You cant avoid crowds so having plans in place do help. Both Touring plans and the Unofficial guide to WDW can give you a good step by step route around the parks to help ensure a more successful day. Tony the Tigger advice/ tips are also worth paying attention to.


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My daughter worked in the Disney college program for one semester. She said that the best day for MK was Friday. Not sure why, but she noticed lower wait times and less crowds every Friday.
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