Which Magic Kingdom mountain is the best?

Which of the three mountains is the best?

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Votes: 13 12.1%
  • Space Mountain

    Votes: 19 17.8%
  • Splash Mountain

    Votes: 62 57.9%
  • Um... ALL OF THEM?!

    Votes: 12 11.2%
  • None. We need a new mountain.

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Can't decide

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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Everybody loves the three mountains of Magic Kingdom but which one do you like the best? While Space Mountain is my favorite ride (it was my first rollercoaster), I have to say Splash Mountain is superior in terms of quality. I think Splash Mountain is in the five greatest Disney rides ever created and designed whereas Space Mountain is showing its age very badly. Splash Mountain is just more timeless.


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If Walt Disney could see Disney World now, I’m pretty certain he would be jealous of the imagineers behind Splash Mountain and the fact he played no direct part in the attractions creation. But of course, I’m sure he’d be proud that he inspired such an awesome attraction. Easily the most classic Disney ride that Walt Disney did not help create himself.


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Splash is our favorite. paris version of space for us is better its more comfortable and we like the effects more and the chain lifts on big thunder are so loud they hurt my ears.


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They are all great for different reasons. Space and Thunder are well themed thrill rides. Slash has the great dark ride component plus a thrilling drop.


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I choose Splash and then Big Thunder. Space Mountain is in such rough shape that it just isn't that fun anymore. A refurb is very much needed.
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