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Which has aged the WORST?

Worst aging E Ticket

  • Journey into Imagination

    Votes: 141 64.1%
  • Expedition Everest

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • Space Mountain

    Votes: 59 26.8%
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    Votes: 15 6.8%

  • Total voters


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Original Poster
Just wondering. I'm personally on team Everest. I know theres probably more, but those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head


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I like all of those rides, so I can't really vote. I've never seen Figment included on a list of E tickets though, so maybe if it was intended to be an E ticket and now doesn't feel like one,... that one?


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My vote would be for Space Mountain, which has lost the projections and lighting effects that brought the theme to life for me as a kid.

While I wish the Yeti worked on Expedition Everest, I never saw it until after it broke, so the "aging" was invisible for me. And although I hatehateHATE the "Johnny Depp" POTC overlay, I realize that to the average person, it's not a downgrade (although simply by including a current Hollywood actor, Disney has placed a bit of a shelf life on that part of the attraction -- if he ever does something particularly scandalous, they'll have to do a whole refurb just to take him out.)

Journey Into Imagination With Figment (since 2002) hasn't aged badly, but it was never great to begin with. If "aging" includes entire attraction re-dos, then this ride would have been my first choice for having "aged" the worst, since the original Journey Into Imagination (ca 1983) was so infinitely superior to the present rip-off, er, I mean replacement, that they're not even in the same category.

The Empress Lilly

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EE simply misses its pivotal show element.
Imagination has been replaced by a C ticket, a dull one at that.

Suffering from poor aging are Space and Pirates. Space still delivers though. It's a great ride, its age adds as much as it distracts. I'll take the character of MK space over the somewhat sterile modern DL space.

Pirates however has been tampered with into meaninglessness. 'Where's Johnny in Antique Roadshow Land'. Yawn.


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Space has aged the worst. JII and Pirates have gotten poorer by design, redesign, or “enhancements”.
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By aging, do you mean with upgrades or things like broken effects? Because I’m not sure how much of Figment has actually “aged”.
I’d have to go with SM on this one.


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Space mountain- the ride and show quality have deteriorated and the concept of a trip into outer space has been done in more realistic ways with things like mission space
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The Empress Lilly

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no one even mentions Mission Space???
Because my beloved God has a sense of humour, the very last words of the very post above yours, ninja'd in as you were typing, are precisely Mission Space.

I don't think M:S suffers from aging? The ride has been freshed up last year. Green now has some purpose to it, orange still delivers as a ride and the pavilion still has dull hallways, pre- and after show.
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