Which Disney attractions were mostly paid for by Sponsors?


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I was kind of fascinated at how many attractions Disney has created were almost paid fully by various corporate sponsors. Usually the company will pay 80 percent of the cost and Disney pays like 20 percent.

Mostly every Tomorrowland attraction from 1955-1966 was paid for by some company and really helped Disneyland to grow.

Attractions after 1966 that come to mind are:

It’s a Small World: Pepsi-Cola
Magic Skyway: Ford
Mr. Lincoln: State of Illinois
Carousel of Progress: General Electric
PeopleMover: Goodyear
Tomorrowland Terrace: Coca-Cola
New Circle-Vision (67): AT&T
Adventure thru Inner Space: Monsanto
Flight to the Moon: McConnell Douglas
Space Mountain: RCA
Imagination Pavilion: Kodak
World of Motion/Test Track: GM
Universe of Energy: Exxon
The Land Pavilion: Kraft
Horizons: GE
Spaceship Earth: The Bell System
Wonders of Life: Metlife

I’m not talking about about sponsors that came later in an attraction’s lifespan, only those who paid for a majority of the attraction before its initial debut.

I’m sure there any more, any takers?


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Country Bear Jamboree was Pepsi Cola and Frito Lay.

Mission: Space was Compaq and became HP after it was acquired.

The Living Seas was United Technologies.

"El Gran Magnifico"

Mr Flibble is Very Cross.
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Not an attraction but as you listed Tomorrowland Terrace’s sponsorship.

Tony’s Town Square had an Oscar Mayer sponsorship. Hands down one of the best breakfast places in the Magic Kingdom if not all of Disney.
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American Adventure was sponsored by both American Express and Coca-Cola.

Most of the World Showcase pavilions had corporate sponsors from their countries (i.e. Mitsukoshi in Japan, various (West) German companies, etc.).

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