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Which decade did you first visit WDW?

In which decade did you first visit Walt Disney World?

  • 1970s

  • 1980s

  • 1990s

  • 2000s

  • 2010s

  • 2020s

  • Planning my first trip!

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Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
2000's... Imagine being 22 and you grew up with Food Rocks, Ellen's Energy Adventure, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch's Great Escape, Tiki Room Under New Management, and oddly enough... Wonders of Life, Great Movie Ride, Backlot Tour, and Maelstrom all in the same childhood.



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my parents took my sister & i in the late 70’s. i went back with my mom & sister in 89. went there on my honeymoon in 2000 & been going every year since, except 2020.


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February 1983... Epcot was still an infant. I was 35 years old with my wife and two girls (9 & 7). The entire trip including the drive from Vermont and back was then and has remained the highlight of my life and my happiest memory.


I just noticed that my avatar has a much more recent me with three of my four grandchildren. The youngest wasn't with us for our golf outing.
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May 1975... My parents broke family tradition that year of going to the Jersey Shore with our extended family and went to WDW instead. We never went to the Jersey Shore again on a family vacation, but we went back to Disney World every year after that.

Think Tink

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In the Parks
First visit to WDW: 2006
First to Disneyland: 2009 (high school marching band trip!)
But the first trip that made me fall in love with WDW was 2016 when my husband and I went.

Big Phil

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Opening Day...October 1 ,1971

No kidding! Wow.

Now that I would love to hear about. From what I have seen from opening day was the video where Julie Andrews and Bob Hope and such are involved. Glen Campbell as well, although I think that was pre-recorded. Elaborate a bit because that would have been neat to see. What rides/shows did you see that day?

Big Phil

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March of 1991 for me. First time on a plane as well. Loved it. I swore up and down to my mother that the Presidents in HOP were real men. I was 10 and a half, so, you know.

Loved Thunder Mountain. Splash Mountain would have been being built at that time. We missed all of Mickey's Toontown though for some reason. Loved the Carousel of Progress as well. Don't remember going on Tom Sawyer Island either. The first ride we ever went on was Small World. I also remember loving Pirates the best then as well. Talked to an elderly couple from France (I spoke very good french then) while in the line up for the Skyway and they told me about how Disneyland was opening up there next year.

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