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Which came first? Walt Disney signature or Will Eisner?


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or Eisner...


Just wondering who has bragging rights on the "Walt Disney" font?


Walt was born in 1901 and Will Eisner was born in 1917, so it's likely that Walt is the owner. However, the signature we see today isn't Walt's. It's an artists rendition of an improved version of Walt's.

Still, it is pretty uncanny. I'm not sure when the OFFICIAL Walt signature made it's debut, but I'd bet it was before Will Eisners.


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Signature Dates

If you look into the history of Walt Disney's signature in 1937 when Snow White( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_White_and_the_Seven_Dwarfs_(1937_film) was made on the cover of the VHS it shows his original signature instead of the one we see today that was made by an artist. Eisner's signature was exposed in 1930. So this tells us that the artist copied Eisner's at a later date.... So (drum roll please!!) Eisner is the winner!! His signature was first released to the public in 1936 when he released "WOW what a magazine" with his high school friend cartoonist Bob Kane who later was the maker Batman.


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logos and fonts will look alike without anyone trying. walgreens is suing wegmans because their w looks too similar, the same is with the w for the nationals.


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Walt Disney was working as a cartoonist for advertising in Kansas City Missouri in the early 1920s and was using his famed signature then. You can see original examples in the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. To read more about his early works: http://remotelyinterestingtv.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/mickey_mouse/
That said however, both Will Eisner's and Walt Disney's famed signatures were a product of a comics technique called "lettering". It was common for artists of the day to come up with an artistic signature. The resemblance is probably coincidental and a sign of the style of the times, rather than any form of mimicry.

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