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Where were you 9 years ago


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It was an amazing day. I was home from work, as some folks were there to fix the plumbing in my kitchen sink. I had had the Today show on, and the serviceman walked by the TV and said, "The Sears Tower is on fire!" Of course, it was actually the World Trade Center instead, but I started to watch. And after the second plane hit, Matt Lauer said something like, "Well I guess we know now that this is not an accident."

And I put in a videotape. I knew I was watching history. That raw, unedited footage has now become one of my most valued possessions. It is important to see what we really saw back then, which of course is also why I appreciate the "This is terrible..." thread so much. Amazing.

One interesting thing that I also remember was how, as the day and even the week went on, EVERY major cable channel except the children's networks (like Disney and Nickelodeon) simply went to 24-hour live news coverage from their parent network. ESPN showed ABC news all day, and MTV showed CBS news for 24 hours a day for a while. This was also the week that the scrawling news ticker showed up for the first time on the networks, and even some of the cable news networks, as a regular feature, because there was so much news that week that they simply could not keep it within the program itself.

An amazing time.



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nine yerrs ago i was in leveing room watching the news when i hard it on the tv i shock that some one hit world trade center we just moved in our new house when world trace center was hit


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I was a freshman in college. I was driving my mom around so she could run errands. The bank told her something had happened and to get home. People were panicking then and starting to withdrawl money from their accounts.


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At work in an adult surgical intensive care unit, most all the rooms had tv's on and it really made an impact on not only we as healthcare workers, but patients and families there that day...a very solemn day in the unit.

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