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Where is Walt's plane?


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It's been repainted since 2019 at least. Latest developments were the fence and plastic covering, then the plastic getting damaged in August. If the Fox video really is from this week and not archival footage to generate clicks, they took the torn cover off.
I thought it was wrapped in its later years and when they moved the plane (I am guessing they had to take the wings off to move it) to its current location, the wrap likely started to come off. So they just removed the rest of it when they put it in storage.

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This plane needs to be displayed properly and valued instead of hidden away, rusting into the ground in Central Florida.
Get it back on concrete...and in a proper sheltered area.

This is a historically important peice related to WDW and the Disney story.
Is there a reason it has not been sent back to CA and claimed by the Walt Disney Archives?
Surely there is a soundstage, storage building, or other place it can be placed in.

Having it in a place where it could be publically seen would be great...if not WDW, then perhaps the Walt Disney Studios?
Seems a shame to let it sit....ignored.

If today's Disney Company isn't interested in maintaining this artifact it should be sold or donated to a aviation museum.
Lots of museums would be honored to have this in their collection.
Better yet - send it to the Smithsonian.


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