Where in The World?


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Couldn’t it be considered an extension of Main Street, though? Not exactly ON Main Street, but part of it is on Main Street…how about half credit for them? (Yes. I know what it is…)
I had to say no to the Main Street guess because this view is not visible from Main Street. I'll admit this much:
Part of this building is visible from Main Street, just not this part.
This pic was not taken from Main Street.
This view is not on Main Street or seen from Main Street.


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Casey's Corner?
It is the cupola above Casey's Corner, as viewed from near the hub by Crystal Palace.



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In the Parks
Lets see how everyone does with this one. I don't think I have posted it before but remember taking it just for this group. Could be easy maybe not, lets see!

Where in the World 2422.JPG

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