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Where/how to sell Mickey Mouse collection?


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I retired from teaching (due to Covid) this year and have over 30 years of MM collectibles. Have photos. Would love to sell all at one time. Any advice? I just have no place for it now that I don’t have a classroom anymore.


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Have you considered starting an Etsy or ebay store? Another option would be to rent a space or case at an Antique Mall in your town.

Think Tink

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You could see to me lol! I would look into EBay or Etsy even Poshmark but I’m not familiar at all with their model. Depending on your collection break it into smaller groupings of items too to try and get attention to it.


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Depends on where you live, maybe there is enough interest to auction it off? You can do Ebay, as I have done that before, but I personally find it to be a pain in the neck. Photos, item write-ups, organizing, packing, shipping, PO Boxes, scams, etc. I got tired of it pretty quickly and stopped after running into my 4th scam. Also, if you have anything fragile.... you risk it breaking in shipment where you lose the item and the money! No idea how Esty works, and I'm sure others have better experiences with Ebay too

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