Where else do you vacation?


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Ellajoan said:
Just curious--with all of the Disney holics on these boards, I am wondering this...Does anyone go anywhere else on vacation? If so, where do you like to go? I know that nothing can come close to the magic of Disney, but where else do you go? :confused:
Is there anywhere other than Disney? :lol: :lookaroun

Actually, we take 1 or 2 day trips to Evansville, IN to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews sometimes. We also are taking a week long trip to Casper, WY and Denver, CO this summer to visit my dad's family for a family reunion. Last weekend I went to Mobile, AL to visit my aunt and uncle and family (including my cousin's adorable 5 month old daughter for the first time). In July I'm going to Ellenboro, NC to be in my best friend's wedding. And, in August I'm going to Bristol, TN for a weekend to see the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

My dad "visits" Africa every other month. Though he goes because his job requires it to work and definitely not by choice.

Dwarful said:
We do little trips to visit nearby areas for the weekend...usually places like Louisville KY, Chicago Il, Branson MO.,....but we are saving for our ultimate vacation which will include stops in England, Scotland & Jersey Chanel Island. (as soon as the youngest is old enough to appreciate it).
So what do you do in Louisville? That's where I live! :wave:


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We've been on cruises in the Eastern & Western Caribbean for longer vacations... for shorter vacations we've visited other places in FL (New Smyrna Beach & Daytona, also Cocoa Beach & Viera) We've been to PA to visit Hershey! For shorter trips we've been to the Cape, NYC, Boston, & we've been to VT & NH. We've been to Mont Tremblant in Canada... very beautiful place!! We are actually leaving this afternoon to go to Okemo VT for a ski weekend!!!! :sohappy: We also visit our cottage in Niantic on the bay on weekends in the summer. During the summer we also visit our backyard to hang out at the pool & hot-tub... and we've got a cool little set up out at the pool area, with a bar & a flatscreen t.v.!
Places I would like to go, but haven't been yet... Hawaii, Las Vegas & Alaska
Maria said:
My dad likes traveling and he took us many places. Now that we can afford it by ourselves, I guess we got used to it, because we try visiting new places each time. That being said, I´ve been to Paris, Italy, Canada, Bahamas and Argentina; Vegas, SF, San Antonio, Houston, L.A., New Orleans, Michigan, NY, DC, Florida and Boston in the USA (I´m still missing Chicago!).
Sadly though, I haven´t been in many places in my own country... only to the capital city and a few other cities around it. Of course, Cancun is the most popular one for me because it´s a short drive from my city. I guess you always think "how far can I get with this money?" and try to travel as far as you can each time... after all, your own country will always be there ;)
You should visit Saltillo sometime! :lol: :animwink:
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