When will there be a new Disney 24hrs event?


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Dear all,

I am hoping that they do another 24 hour event since it's fun staying up at Walt Disney World. Last years event was awesome.

We had a blast last year and want to do it again. Last year we did 3 parks in 21 hours. This year (if they have it) I want to do all 4 parks in 24 hours. :D

Does anyone knows anything regarding the event in 2014 or have you stayed at WDW for 24hrs? Share it here!

- EnchantedMouse
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I have partaken in both Leap Day and Memorial Day.

I have the prediction of it happening again on Memorial Day, 6:00am - 6:00am but this time, it being Villanious. I say this because last years party was centered around Monsters University and this summers "big film" appears to be Maleficient. And giving how wildy successful Unleash the Villains was back in September at DHS, I could totally see Maleficient and the Villains taking over the kingdom.

Disclaimer: It's just a personal opinion based on personal observations.

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