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When is your favorite month to visit the Mouse?


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I'm looking at options for 2021. DD will still be young enough that pulling her out of school isn't going to make her miss anything. (And her school is one of the seemingly rare ones that supports parents taking vacations during school time.) Our previous two trips were mid-May 2019 and late January 2017. January was a touch cold for my liking, though the crowds were great. May was great temps, pool time was enjoyable, crowds were fine, and we LOVED F&G at Epcot, despite the fact that one of our Epcot days turned out to be massive rain storms.

I'm considering October. Being able to hit F&W for DH and MNSSHP for DD and I sounds appealing, plus the temps and mid-week crowds look ok.

What say you all? When is your favorite time to visit?


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May is the best weather month...

Crowd wise I’d say - surprisingly - that July and August are most manageable
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Theres great reasons for many different months but the ones we prefer are....
Mid February... Coming from a cold winter state the warmth of FL feels great, It breaks up the winter and when we return home it seems like spring is just around the corner.
Early - mid May... Flower & Garden festival, great weather, Garden Rocks concerts, crowds arent too excessive.
Early October... Nice halloween decorated throughout the parks, MNSSHP, most of the time weather cooperates.
Early - mid December... Love the seasonal decorations and music, the feel of joy from all those around, MVMCP, Christmas shopping.
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Queen of the WDW Scene

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In the Parks
Late November/early December because that's when we went every year growing up and my family loves Disney and Christmas so putting them together is even more magical.

Second favorite time to go is late August/early September.
Its hot but it tends to have lower crowds and in recent years the F&W and MNSSHP have been starting that early.
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Late August/early September. Lol we love to swim and enjoy the resort pools. Every time we've gone late November/December we seem to hit an "unusual" cold streak.

We also love the lower crowds and longer park hours.
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Red Wench

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During the Food & Wine Festival would be my favorite time, but since I have always been starting school and now this year heading off to college it is impossible. So the Winter Holidays are also a great time to go and see all the beautiful Christmas decorations.
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We go twice a year and have settled on April and November.
Always seem to get pretty good weather those trips.
Have you found it busy in April? My DD's birthday is early April, and I would love her to get the experience of a Disney birthday, but the timing of it makes me concerned about spring break/Easter crowds. Maybe mid or late April is better?
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We’ve had some pretty awesomely UN busy trips there in April. Some....somewhat busy

We avoid Easter week like it’s, well, the plague. But the week following?....pretty Do-able

we book April around Easter week...if it’s later in the month, we do first week...and vice versa
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Minnesota disney fan

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We used to go to WDW exclusively the first 2 weeks of November. Then we switched to the first 2 weeks of December. The parks got increasingly crowded, so we switched to end of FEb and first of March. So far, this has worked out for us temp-wise. We are from a cold climate so we don't mind the "cool" weather of 60's and 70's in Florida. To us, that's perfect:) However, it has gotten so crowded that we are rethinking our trips in a year or so - maybe around the first of May.
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