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When does Infinity Falls open?


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They’ve taken forever here...it’ll be 3/4s through summer by time it’s open. A wasted opportunity for a park needing a pull
Exactly. They must have miscalculated budgets or construction time or something bc it makes absolutely no sense to not open this at the beginning of summer unless something unexpectedly got in the way.
I'm going to assume this is just going to be a standard Six Flags type rapid ride. Looking at it's budget i doubt it's going to be an immersive marine life type experience.


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Still testing, as far as I know. They're saying on Inside Universal that apparently operational staff has to test the ride continuously for 2 weeks before it can open. Plus, one of the pumps went out and needed to be replaced.

I can't imagine it'll be much longer, though. Maybe within the next few weeks.
I would hope so. I know it's Orlando but you really don't want to be opening a new water ride in November...


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Sea World really fumbled this ride
Well we really don't (and probably won't) know why it was delayed. I'm sure it wasn't just a simple matter of "oh let's go take our time" something serious obviously occurred during the construction for it to be delayed this long.
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