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When does Infinity Falls open?


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It looks fun and it's kind of a boring time right now. Anyone know? I might be going in late August!
All they have announced is a summer opening, no official date yet.


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Thanks! I didn't realize they were building more than just the ride. I wonder why they got rid of one of the structures on top of the drop - it looked better with two. Hopefully not just cost reasons. And they still don't have even an opening month.
Most definitely a cost cutting measure.


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It would be a wasted opening any later than the fall. No one is going to go on this in 60-degree temperatures.
Yeah it really should be opening this month to compete with Toy Story Land. I mean, I know one raft ride at SeaWorld can't compare to the crowds that TS Land will get, but it would be something exciting and give people a reason to visit SeaWorld during their same vacation to WDW to go to TS Land. And June is at the beginning of summer so people could enjoy it all summer long. I wonder if it's taking longer or more money than they expected.


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It's still going to be warmer then 60 in late Sept/Oct though (temps in Orlando typically don't drop until at least mid Nov, if not later)
Of course, but I said later than fall. An early fall opening would be serviceable, because it's still hot until about November and I mean, Splash Mountain officially debuted in October at MK. But in the winter? No way.
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