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Whats the WORST thing you have ever done...


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Oh goodness....
let Maggie play in the pool at the Polynesian though we were not staying there
Park at the Polynesian and go to the MK all day
Got Maggie in for free in June though she was almost 4
Said I was having breakfast at CP to get in the MK early


Would do it all again too..:D


New Member
Took the 3D Glasses from Philhar.:shrug::lookaroun

as a CM that works Philhar..HOW DARE YOU!!:ROFLOL: that's okay I steal back those glasses all the time.

the worst thing I have ever done was when I was working a VERY LARGE tour group came up to the Carousel and held up the entire ride because they wanted all 88 members to ride the Carousel at once and it was only slightly full but full enough to only allow about 60 more guests on. they were so rude to me and the other guest as they refused to move and let anyone else on. so after they finally got on I did an E-stop and let them off after only one rotation. then let the group after go twice because of the havoc the tour group caused.:goodnevil:fork::ROFLOL:
Took the 3D Glasses from Philhar.:shrug::lookaroun

When I was younger I took a pair from Bug's Life. After like 5 years at my house I wondered what in the hell I took them for in the first place.

Then i threw them out 0_o

This last trip two old folks in electric carts kept weaving in between me and my fiance and then stopping and looking around. we'd get in front of them and about 10-20 mins later there they were again. Well... I did the same thing to them (on foot) and then the old lady screamed at me. *shrug*

The Mom

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I caught a moderator admitting she games the system way back before she became an authority figure. :drevil: :lookaroun


You're absolutely correct. It was more a sin of ommission, however. (which is still a lie) When they asked how many adults, how many children, I always said either one adult and two school aged children, or two adults (if my husband was with us) and two school aged children until she went off to college. Then I would say two adults, my son, and my college student daughter. I don't remember being charged extra for her, and I think I checked.

She hasn't been to WDW with us for years, but if she were to come with us, I would say the same thing - my 26 year old daughter, and 16 year old son - and see what happens. However, I wouldn't be surprised by the bill either way.


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I reuse my refillable mugs, hop over the turnstylies at the entrance, runover little kids with ECVs, move strollers around, claim to have a kid for child swap when I don't and I fart in confined spaces.

Some are true, others aren't. you decide...... :drevil:


I cant think ive anything ive done but my brother knocks on the back of doombuggies in the haunted mansion, laughs evily throughout the ride and squirts water at the ceiling so poeple think fake bloods falling on them. I told one of my friends about this and she started doing the same thing she also tried to climb into mickeys livingroom to see what was on his tv. She set of an alarm but ran out before she got caught.

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