What would you do? - Value verses Moderate Resorts


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I would take a longer stay with more upgrades every time. How often do you plan to be in the room/resort? If it’s a trip full of park time then do you really care about the room as long as it’s clean and ready for showers and sleep? I Just stayed at All Star Movies and it’s now refurbished and adequate if you don’t want to re-do a resort.

PersonalIy would say go with POP again.

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Art of Animation shouldn't even be classified as a VALUE resort...unless you take the rooms 1/2 mile away form the bus stop and food court.
I've never stayed at AOA so I'm not sure what it's like.


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What about letting your daughter pick? We have been spoiled by AKL, so when I just booked a trip for December they were all whining about having to stay somewhere else! We have stayed at all levels and they just really enjoy AKL. With that said, I would lay out the options to your daughter and let her choose. After all, it is her special time! What a fun idea!

I forgot to add, we love the dining plan. I love having everything paid in advance and not having to worry while on vacation. We purchase gift cards at Target to save 5% on the trip. We like the Disney Dining plan with 1 sit down and 1 quick service.
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