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What would you do to Future World


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Coming from a lot of people on the boards they seem to dislike the current Future World. What would you do to make it great again?would you add new pavilions, change the current ones, or bring back old ones?


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I would:

Bring back WoL
Demolish M:S, put a new pavilion there.
Change the theme of TT back to a WoM-esque theme, give it a post-show.
Take Ellen out of the UoE
Focus the Nemo ride on Seabase Alpha again, but maintain the dark ride and Nemo characters.
Fix SSE Ending

Yes, it's quite a list to follow, but I'm just dreaming.


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The first thing I would do is demolish the WoL building or completely gut it, put something new in there like a pavillion dedicated to something different like Weather, and get it back up and operational for the visiting guests. I would also try and a nice sit-down Future-themed restaurant located in that section of the park. I know there's the Coral Reef over at The Seas, but another couldn't hurt.

I would also remove all traces of Ellen Degenerate from Universe of Energy (both the show and her animatronic figure). I would also have all of the dinosaur scenes in UofE updated with newer technology (similar to what's in AK's "Dinosaur" ride right now). I would have to have the JIYI pavilion completely gutted and re-done from scratch with the same theme going about the wonder and power of the imagination, and I would get rid of HISTA.

I would also put back the old backwards ending to Spaceship Earth, with the fiberoptic lights and former music and such. The way it is now, just riding backwards in pitch blackness is pretty pathetic.


I'd pretty much leave The Land as is, it seems to be a nearly perfect pavillion.

Probably tweak Test Track a little bit, either try to make the loop faster or change some stuff up inside or both, but it's a pretty good attraction as is.

I know it gets hate, but I don't really think there is much to do that I'd change on M:S. Pretty much the same thing with The Seas, though I do think I return the name to the Living Seas and possibly try to add an attraction.

I'd just add the post show to Spaceship Earth.

As for the other three I'd probably make a bunch of changes. I'd redo at least the Imagination ride, and possibly try to get a new show too.

I'd either redo WoL or completely do away with the building to make a Weather pavillion or another idea and make it similar to the Land's.

In probably my most controversial idea, I'd redo Universe of Energy and probably do it at least a bit around Monsters Inc.

Bravo 229

Wonders of Life: I would go back to the original concept art and put in the ride through the body that they originally planned
Universe of Energy: remove Ellen and put in a ride that explores different types of energy
Mission:SPACE: I'd leave it sitting, maybe it will fall into the "sinkhole" someday :rolleyes:
Test Track: vehicles of the future...use flying cars or something new
Odyssey: open it seasonally so they can make some money from it
Imagination Pavilion: Dr. Nigel Channing sent packing, bring back Dreamfinder so he and Figment can go on a new Journey Into Imagination (get the YOUR out of there!) and I'd leave Captain EO there unless they wanted to expand the ride next door into the theatre...and give us ImageWorks back!
The Land: new destination for Soarin', either over various exotic landscapes or over the World
The Seas: find an empty space and build some hydrolators, or at least expand the post show
Spaceship Earth: complete the descent with a Walt Disney animatronic giving his EPCOT speech and reminding you that 'if we can dream it, then we can do it' just before you turn around near the finish.


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I would knock down the Energy and WoL pavillions, erect two newer, more exciting and functioning pavillions there. Not sure of the themes. I would make sure the one in place of Energy was rotated 90 degrees so its entrance is more towards the center of the park. This area is/was too congested with entrances.
Completely redo Imagination, add another hangar to Soarin' to increase capacity, reopen the Odyssey area as another nice restaurant, put the glass statues back in the fountain in front of Spaceship Earth, make Innoventions more interesting for guests older than 10. Guess that's about it for now. I love The Land, Living Seas, M:S and Test Track the way they are for the most part.


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
I would:

Bring back WoL
Demolish M:S, put a new pavilion there.
Change the theme of TT back to a WoM-esque theme, give it a post-show.
Take Ellen out of the UoE
Focus the Nemo ride on Seabase Alpha again, but maintain the dark ride and Nemo characters.
Fix SSE Ending

Yes, it's quite a list to follow, but I'm just dreaming.

I agree with you 99%, as much as I'd like to see a dark ride replace Test Track, I think it gives you a good experience on how car companies test their cars. Also, any theme park needs to at least have 2 major thrill rides, or you won't be seeing anybody come back to the park. Otherwize, excellent list! ;)

Now who's ready for "Horizons II"? :D Also, you could move Carousel of progress into the Wonders Of Life pavilion.


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1. Bring back SSE and Imagination back to its glory days
2. Do an overhaul on energy, needs a lot of work
3. Take out odeyssy(sp?) and bring back Horizons
4. Bring back LoW
5. Spruce up the entrace to the park, dealing with the legacy stones so that everyone can be happy which probably wouldnt happen since not everyone would be happy with whatever happened.


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Do the cheapest, and most prominent things first:
1.) Remove the visual clutter. The tarps, awnings, and additional clutter needs to be removed.
2.) Unify and repaint Innoventions courtyard.
3.) Remove the stage at the end of FoN.
4.) The Living Seas to get it's name back, and remove the Nemo characters from the mural, it's overkill. Just have the seagulls outside and the statue.
5.) Remove the giant overhang from outside Test Track. Check out old concept art to see how nice it would look without it. Very WoM like.

Now to the more expensive stuff...

1.) New UoE film. The tone can remain the same with comedians hosting, but a further focus on renewable energy in addition to current methods should be stressed.
2.) Either make WoL a new pavilion or hide it better. This isn't going anywhere, it's a prime location for various festival activities like Food & Wine and Flower & Garden.
3.) Redo the exit tunnel out of M:S. Make it a giant mural of space with fiber optics and all. Have a to scale representation of the distance things are from the sun. Have the sun at the entrance of the post-show and then the last rooms can have far away stars and planets.
4.) Redo the post show for M:S. Expand the building and relocate Mission Space Race. Remove the playground and video games. Include a history section with real artifacts from space missions. Make a new playground with things found in the Pooh queue line. Add a harness that is manned by a CM that simulates the gravity on various planets. Etc.
5.) Update the queue and post show of Test Track.
6.) Gut Imagination, start from scratch on all fronts. New ride, new 3D show, redo the outside fountain, the works.
7.) Add in more visual effects for the SSE decent...

I think that's all for FW...


New Member
1st: extend operating hours a couple more hours
2nd: take out nemo and put in a 3d motion simulator ride into the ocean
3rd: take out elen and change energy ride
4th: something new in WoL
5th:totally change Imagination
6th: finish SSE descent

everything else i would leave alone. love the land, M:S(especially), and test track


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Forgot about a couple of things:
1. WoL pavillion could be a good place to put horizons back or maybe a new ride.
2. Also Captain EO has to go, did not like it the first time around, add a new show.


I don't have any grand ideas but I would like to see a TTA/peoplemover added to future world. Make it a loop with three stops to help people move around the park.

Also gut universe of energy, update the ride and give me a nice post show area showing the new sources of energy. Algae is being turned into a type of gasoline now and it would be interesting to see how that would work with a post show model.

Overall bring the pavilions back to showcasing the future technologies. I realize thrill rides do attract people but nothing wrong with actually showing the future.


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I would:

Bring back WoL
Demolish M:S, put a new pavilion there.
Change the theme of TT back to a WoM-esque theme, give it a post-show.
Take Ellen out of the UoE
Focus the Nemo ride on Seabase Alpha again, but maintain the dark ride and Nemo characters.
Fix SSE Ending

Yes, it's quite a list to follow, but I'm just dreaming.
I think you hit the nail on the head, I agree with it all, I do think think the Kitchen Caberate ( spelled wrong) was so cute, especially since I have a 4 year old, she would of loved it!


Well-Known Member
There's a bit to be done in what I would like to see..So Let's go..

The Entrance Plaza
The Removal of LAL....Oooohh Funny thought..If it was Leave Our Legacy it would be LOL!!....:lol:

Spaceship Earth
Like many others say..Just fix the ending to make it more enjoyable..

Innoventions/FON Hub
Removal of the STUPID canopy and Twirly-ma-Things....Yeah I Said it..Twirly-Ma-Things...

Innoventions back to a modern Communicore making it a Post Post show for the pavillions...

Fountain of Nations Removal of the stage...

Only thing that stays is the Oh so awesome Innoventions Music Loop:D

Future World West

The Return of Dreamfinder and the Pink slip to Nigel Channing...Sorry doc no generous grants from Kodak...What did you do for them...Oh yeah...Screw up the pavillion beyond refurb...:brick:

Magic Eye Theater a new 3D Film with Dreamfinder & Figment showing how much better the world can be when your imagination is set free.....Yeah I rhymed..I know...Moving On!

The Land
Soarin - Changed to Soarin over The World and better Editing rather not jump cut from place to place...Cloud Wipes people!.....(That's my gripe on Soarin)

Circle of Life gone to a new film with Wall-E and the Pre-show area as a BnL Theater to promote how BnL is changing the world...Until we actually see the movie.

Seas With Nemo Just return the name of Seabase Alpha that's all I'd be happy about.

Future World East

UoE - Update the film without 1994 statistics..And More educational..

WoL Changes to The Weather Pavillion with the Storm Riders attraction from TDL and Some other weather based attraction that uses Buzzy for something ...else.....I can't think of anything at the moment....um....yeah.
The rest of the Pavillon would show different aspects of weather with hands on activties also having a walk through indoor tornado as the centerpiece inside..

Mission: Space - Block it off with a bunch of bushes until I think of an idea in 2013....

Test Track - Is fine just tweak it a little.

That's my ideas and I'm stickin to it...*Drops The mic and walks away*

A W Reezy

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I would definitely either update the Universe of Energy or replace it with another energy educational attraction. I would also get rid of the garbage known as Mission Space.


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Update TT, something that should have happened 5 years ago.

Reopen the WOL pavilion with motion simulators rides, with a capacity of 4 people for each vehicle), that let guests explore the different parts of their body. Have exhibits on the awesome power of the human body and also what is needed to maintain it.

Turn Imagination! into a high tech arena that shows the newest ways you can express your imagination. This would be through image manipulation, using green screens, using a 3d software like 3dmax and also audio creation. The sponsorships for this pavilion would be endless.

Innoventions will be turned into a product showcase that would be like a yearlong CES.

I am fine with what is offered at UoE, M:S, SSE, the sea and the land.

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