What will you call Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge during everyday speech?

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I was listening to a podcast that discussed the fact that they hate the name Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and would probably still refer to it as just Star Wars land. Then they pointed out that when they are in Disneyland, they don't say that they are going to Cars' Land. They instead say they are going to Radiator Springs.

This made me think that people will probably say they are going to whatever name they give the "planet" that SW:GE is supposed to reside on. I don't think they have given the "planet" a name yet, but I assume they will, Like Dagobah, Tatooine, Naboo, etc.

If or when they do name the planet, will you refer to SW:GE by the planet name, Star Wars land, or Galaxy's Edge?


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Probably Star Wars land or the planet name just because it's easier.


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Star Wars Land or SWL... the same reason for the use of shortened names like 20k, the golf ball, ToT, RnRC, Mine Train, Big Thunder, Kali River and so on. The Edge of the Universe is undefinable, but, Star Wars like... that is the full name.


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The problem with "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" is that "Galaxy's Edge" isn't the name of a specific place. It's like calling it "The Frontier" instead of "Frontierland." It's also a really long name (compared to the other lands), so we're left to figure out what to call it.

Maybe THAT'S what Scott Mallwitz meant at D23 when he said, "It's your own actions & choice... that will then determine how your Star Wars Land experience will unfold."


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I think Star Wars Land is what easily comes to mind when its being talked about so most guests will continue to refer to it as Star Wars Land no matter what Disney labels it as. So many guests ask where Star Wars is when they are referring to Star Tours already. The label "Star Wars" encompasses it all in their view.
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