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What will Disney announce for Disney World at the 2022 D23 expo?


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I'm hoping (and dreaming) there's a focus on WDW's entertainment lineup for the 100th since it's a bit late for any attractions to open with it. A tightened up Harmonius, a replacement for Enchantment ( or return of HEA with 100th tag), return of a night time parade, replacement of the Studios ancient shows, something of substance for Animal Kingdom for God sakes or at the very least a freshening of FOLK, and now I'm really going crazy but an actual substantial investment into real Halloween and Christmas parades that aren't made up of a mish mash of floats from the past 40 years. If Tokyo and Paris can manage to change the holiday offerings every few years, there's no excuse why we can't do it every 25.


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The plans for The Walt Disney Company's 100th birthday. The fact that Covid19 hit WDW's 50th is actuallt good for The Company's 100th. Cheapsteak Bob better do this right or he will not stay beyond his current contract.
So what big things did they have planned for the 50th that got mothballed? Not enough to lead me to believe they actually had adequate plans even prior to the pandemic.

The only thing that might save the 100th is that it encompasses DLR as well, and they seem less likely to skimp on that coast.


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Maybe a new show for one of the theaters at DHS, something small to replace PW at DAK, maybe a new cavalcade at MK and a restaurant at Epcot. That is my official prediction.

Brer Panther

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This is my guess...



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WDW needs a big response. Parks and Experiences is still doing fairly good with all things considered so I have some optimism. Especially with so little spending for the 50th. With the removal of free fast passes, termination of the Magical Express and price hikes, they definitely need some good news for fans. Plus, like said earlier, Chapek needs to deliver 'big news' to strengthen his leadership appeal or he may be facing a swift departure. Below is what I believe are realistic announcements that could be introduced at D23 as they relate to just the US Parks.

EPCOT: More info about the re-Imagineering of the park. Hopefully some news on Play Pavilion and the Festival Center. I think there is a good chance we see one more surprise project since the crews are already on site. Could be one already announced and now green-lit again (Spaceship or Mary Poppins), or something new like Figment overhaul or Encanto.

Magic Kingdom: Do we finally see a Lilo and Stitch replacement or Speedway switchover to Electric Cars? My hunch is that Wreck it Ralph will overtake the Stitch building. I can also see a new large scale 100 year parade announced. Wild card here would be Frozen Land expansion.

Animal Kingdom: DAK is next on the list as far as Capital Investment. I can definitely see a new E-ticket announced for Dino land. Maybe even Excavator or total re-theme of area. I also see a new land/expansion announced. Could go many different directions: Zootopia, Indy, South America, etc. Will include another E-Ticket. Wild card - Updated or Alternate version of Pandora Avatar with new films on the way. Prob not going to happen but DAK needs a Lion King Dark ride. I mean come on, how can Lion King not be at DAK. Construct large Pride Rock façade and then a trackless dark ride using Hong Kong Beauty and Beast tech for attraction.

DHS: Not much here. Some stuff on Fantasia and maybe the future of Rockin' Roller Coaster. Wild Card here would be a new Indy Attraction to create a land next to stunt show. Could use the Shanghai boat ride tech for this new attraction. New film on the way! Also, could see Animation Courtyard overhaul but I think that is further down the line.

Out west: Updates on new Toon Town, Tron coming to Disneyland and the confirmation of Marvel E-ticket attraction coming. Maybe some small stuff on Disneyland Forward project.

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