What WDW podcasts do you listen to?


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We just wondered what WDW podcasts you listen to, if any?
There's certainly a lot out there! We are genuinely interested - this isn't just a plug for ours
We like
Enchanted Tiki Talk
WDW Radio
Daily Disney Blog
Mouse Knows Best


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I didn't know there were any. I would be interested if there were any 'official' ones around.

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I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts. :D There are even many non-Disney ones that I listen to!

WDW Radio - Might as well be the official podcast, except for when he's hawking his own motivational speaking and mentoring... VERY full of pixie dust, but sometimes that's good.

Be Our Guest Podcast - Trip reports from listeners, listener questions, and miscellaneous show topics, as well. Thoroughly full of pixie dust, but stills feels earnest to me; they can still be real people. I'm pretty sure all of the main hosts are travel agents, so there's lots of trip planning content. The main guy just switched to being a full-time travel agent from teaching, so the content is ramping up even more in the future. Also some focus on running.

Tom Corless's show - Can be childish in both good and bad ways. A lot of the shows are parts of lists like "40 Greatest Moments in the History of WDW", that are just an excuse to talk about how good Splash Mountain or Spaceship Earth are, for example. The "Back to the Future" history shows are also good.

Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish - @lentesta is very affable, and Jim Hill can spin a good yarn. It's basically story time with Jim.

Disney, Indiana - A husband and wife team who live far from WDW like I do. Very sincere, but the scripted bits can be painfully cheesy. My favorite thing they do is dig up old audio clips from commercials and the like to play along with the show. They do a lot of research for their history shows.

WEDway Radio - Mainly history with a little current stuff thrown in, as well.

WDW Today - There's almost 1500 shows in the archives with the original hosts (I prefer the originals), but the new guys are growing on me. They did a wholesale swap/reboot of the show, which is probably unprecedented. It's basically a general purpose WDW show.

Mousetalgia - Disneyland-focused, but with a lot of movie, music, book, and collectible content, too.


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Not too many anymore, I mostly listen to non-Disney shows now. WDW Today was my first ever podcast back in 2006ish! I still listen to Be Our Guest, The Disney Dish with Len Testa & Jim Hill, Mouse Chat, and WEDWay Radio pretty regularly. WDW Prep To Go is good for planning advice. And sometimes I'll pop on The Disney Cruise Line Blog's show, and Retro Disney World.

But really, there are a ton of them. Just do a search for Disney World in your podcast app :)


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My favorite right now is probably the Unofficial Disney Dish with Len Testa and Jim Hill. I love the original WDW Today crew and never got used to the new crew. I also like Wedway Radio podcast. Getting ready for my first trip to DL since 1990 so I've been listening to the DISunplugged Disneyland Edition. Anyone know of any other good DL-centic podcasts?
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