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What was your first Disney marathon?


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First race was 2009 Race for the Taste.

Did the 2010 Full Marathon and we finished and will probably never do a full again!

We have the Wine and Dine half on the horizon though!


1st Disney Race = 2010 Princess Mini

This year's Princess Mini Marathon was my first mini ever. I had an absolute blast. I trained but not very hard. This was not a race for me but an event to be experienced. I stopped and took lots and lots of pictures. I started in Coral D. The crowds never thinned out at the back of the pack so running was not really an option; just an occasional break into a quick jog here and there as a made my way to the next character photo op. My plan for 2011? The Princess Mini and the Disneyland Half and my Coast to Coast Medal. I would love to do the Wine and Dine Half this fall but can't fit it into my schedule. Gotta work sometime.


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My first Disney race was the 2007 Tower of Terror Race, I did all 3and my first Disney half in 2009.
My first full Disney marathon was the 2010. The natural progression has now led me to try my first Goofy in 2011.


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Hmmm... let's see my very first race, Disney or otherwise, was the Inaugural Expedition Everest 5K in 2008.

Like crazy fools we followed the 5K up with the marathon in January 2009. I really have to admit that, as crazy as it was to do so, I'm so glad we went straight for the 26.2 miles before doing a half marathon first. Otherwise, I don't know if we would have EVER tackled the full. :lol: :D

And we just completed our third race, the 2010 Princess Half Marathon. I'm hoping for the Wine & Dine Half in October, but it doesn't look like the timing is going to work out for us. We'll have to wait and see.

MKCP 1985

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supporting the new sub-forum

The first Disney race I registered to run was the 2009 Half Marathon. To entice myself into training for the task, I registered and ran the 2008 Inaugural Expedition Everest 5K and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K that same year.

My first (and only) full marathon of any kind was this year's Disney Marathon, and I am signed up to run the 2011 Goofy. :wave:


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My first race EVER was this year's Princess 1/2 Marathon. LOVED IT even though I was very under the weather.
As someone posted earlier I did it for the experience. It was a way for my BFF and I to celebrate our 40th birthdays. (I turned the BIG 4-0 the day before the race). It was great having a reason to get in shape and of course I had an excuse for another trip to Disney!

I am planning on doing the W&D in October. I have convinced my hubby to run with me. Not sure if we are doing the full 1/2 or the relay. But either way we'll be there!


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2009 Coast to Coast.

I count it as a full marathon, it only took 8 months to finish.

I could never have the patience to do a full, but I love the half.

Jan 09 WDW - first competative run since a 2 mileer as a 6 year old. Both with my Dad who has run about a dozen fulls. Lots of fun, but the ramp under the tunnel at the TTC killed me and stopped my pace.

Sept 09 DL - Much better run. Loved going through the ballpark and by the Pond. Flat and great!

Just did a 5K and 10K Sat and Sun and on the fence about another half May 1st.

Looking at the 2011 Wine and Dine. Kinda sad that the Princess and regular Half have the same course though.


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First Disney race was the Half in 2008. Enjoyed it so much that my wife and I went to California that summer and did the half there for the Coast to Coast medal.

I've since done the 2009 Half, the 2010 Full, and am registered for the 2011 Half. I'll attempt another Full after I turn 50.


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i havent done a disney marathon but i could run around my neighbourhood with minnie mouse ears on.....:lookaroun

Next Big Thing

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Haven't done one yet, but i'm doing the Everest Challenge 2010.It's my first real marathon in general. I've been training a lot lately for it and it's been going well, i think i should be good for it as long as i continue. Can't wait until June 12th!


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In the Parks
Have not run a marathon yet.

But my first Disney Race was inagural ToT13K for the Tower's 13th Birthday, then I ran it the next two times as well.

Exp Everest Challenge next!


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Haven't done a full at Disney yet, but shooting for 2011!! My first Disney race was Everest Challenge 2009... oh, the rain! :lol:


New Member
The rain was so Crazy! It definately made the race fun and memorable.

I got lucky - I was in the first corral and finished all three parts in about 58 minutes... and finished only about 10 minutes before it poured. I stood under cover and watched everyone else coming in, soaked to the bone. :p

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