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What Was So Bad About Tiki Room "Under New Management"?


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I'm not saying this as a supporter of the attraction, because I don't really have many recollections of it, but I see it get a lot of dislike on these forums. What made this attraction so terrible?


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IWhat made this attraction so terrible?


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Other then when the gods got irritated in the original, it was a very nice, calm and memorable attraction. Yes, some of the songs were from well before radio times, it was still a nice place to relax, observe all the massive amounts of visual happening going on around you, and a place to bring the kids that they enjoyed too. If you want to see the full bonding that people had with it, go to see the original in DL. Observed young adults linked arm in arm, swaying back and forth loudly singing "Let's all sing like the birdies sing". It was just a feel good thing to do. No yelling and screaming, plenty of corny jokes and something that you always looked forward to bringing your own children too when it was your turn to be the parent.

So many people that aren't always looking at the boards were so disappointed when they went to bring their children that the nice stuff was replaced by a screaming parrot that wasn't particularly funny, but, was written to be quite abrasive. (sort of like how they redid Figments personality) It is one of the few attractions that I have ever seen to return to basically it's original show. Whatever caused the fire, perhaps Walt from the beyond, it was a godsend.
It was also one of the few places on the planet where you could sit under a massive amount of birds and not worry about covering your head. :in pain: They were all potty trained. :joyfull:

Brad Bishop

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The original Tiki Room is a place where the birds, flowers, etc. looked real and the entire room eventually came alive. The idea was realism. The other birds don't look cartoony but like real birds.

Iago and Zazu broke that. They come in, don't fit (cartoon birds vs real birds) and are fairly obnoxious. They sing a song or two from their movies and that's it.

It'd be like trying to plus Space Mountain with Buzz Lightyear. He doesn't fit. Everything about Space Mountain is: This is a "real" space station and you're about to take off on a rocket into outer space! .. and here's Buzz Lightyear waving at you to send you off and maybe he'll sing a song or two.

It'd be like Superman showing up in the Harry Potter ride to freshen it up. He doesn't fit because he breaks the "world" they're created.

Doug Means

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i liked the old version better because it was neat when i was a kid, but my kids like the 2.0 version because its all they know. its a simple show where i can sit for a minute, and sing along if i want (and i want). i've never been in there that it wasn't packed. All is needed for crowd control and distribution.

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