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We have been to WDW tyhe last 5 yrs. We are expecting a baby this year and will not be going in 2011. What are some disney related items we could do this year so the 5 yr old will not loose the WDW magic


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have you tried going to youtube? im pregnant so ive been avoiding disney trips right now, so during the day before my daughter (whos 3) takes her nap, we go to youtube and watch all the disney videos...i do searches on the parks and you can even do "ride throughs" on a lot of the rides. try a search called interactive disney...this guy goes to all the parks and gives you the option to click on a link for a connecting video to ride the ride or watch the show.

you can also go to the disney site to play the games and see whats new and upcoming...how bout plan a trip for the future...have your child pick things to do in the parks for the new baby so they can enjoy it together when the time comes.

im not sure where it is, but if you google it, there is a website where people hook up live webcams to the resorts and parks, so you can see what is going on now.


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Search for DVD's of the parks, watch the Planning DVD.

So your 5 Year Old doesn't loose the magic spark, at 3pm take in the parade on Youtube. as well as other things BUT at the same time you would see them if you were actually at Disney!

I have 15 dvd's that I purchased years ago of the parks, attractions and shows and I watch them to get reDisneygized!:ROFLOL:

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