What time to arrive for Pandora?


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Made last second decision to buy tickets for my family to go to DAK tomorrow to see Pandora. Fastpasses were all out. If the park opens at 8, what time does everyone suggest we arrive? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.


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You should plan to arrive at 7:00 a.m. and book it to Pandora as soon as rope drops. Go for Flight of Passage first as that one has the longest wait times.


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Pandora Ebbs and flows a lot, especially FOP. Last Thursday at 845, the line was 295 Minutes. Now, we all know it wont take that long. We had FPs but the ride is really really good so we stood in stand by around 1130 and it said 180 minutes, we waited about 90. Rivers sits around the 60-90 minute mark most of the time. The line for FOP is really cool and very well done. Oh and if you want to go to the store in Pandora, it will be about a 15-30 minute wait depending on how the crowds are flowing. If you want to eat I suggest doing the online App and pickup because it is super convenient and the food is rather good. As far as what time to get there? Keep in mind it is opening to on property guests at 7AM and they are making use of it. Be in the line for off site guests by 7 if you want to get on either ride within an hour or so. We went in at 8 and did Everest (3 times), Safari, Dinosaur, and Khali with almost no wait. Then went to Pandora after the initial burst had started to run down. Watching the ebb and flow of that park now on wait times is pretty cool, but, it is managable. Easier with FPs, but, still relax and realize it will be a wait without FPs.
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