What should HS's icon be?

Which building at HS should be the park's icon?

  • Hollywood Tower Hotel

    Votes: 47 28.1%
  • The Chinese Theatre

    Votes: 111 66.5%
  • Animation Studios Archway

    Votes: 2 1.2%
  • Gertie

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Eisner's Left Big Toe

    Votes: 6 3.6%

  • Total voters


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The Chinese Theatre​

I know it's pedantic but anyone else here from the US that spells theater as theatre? Anyways this is my choice for the HS Icon as you will appreciate it more once you have been to the real one which is nasty and dirty.
Yesssssss- I spell it that way.
The theatrical venues are not the performing artists’ company. They’re the names of the venue. I myself am not an English guru... but this conversation is brought up sooooo many times and nobody has a clear answer.

If it helps my point at all, I have an bachelor degree in Theatre Tech. But basically we had a whole class conversation about this one day for improv/debate purposes... and it basically boiled down to “it’s interchangeable. One just sounds more fancy than the other.” And “nobody knows.”

So it is really either or. Whether it is the art form itself, or the physical building. You’ll see so many people using both versions of the word for all categories.
Fair enough, I certainly wont argue with someone with a literal theatre degree over it. Interesting take!


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I feel like there is no clear icon at DHS, in part because there is no clear theme or direction for DHS. The other three parks benefit from a large structure that is easy to identify even from far away or just as a silhouette.

ToT is used at DHS because it's tall, and arguably easy to identify but that one structure/ride doesn't really encompass what the park is or wants to be. Using it as "the icon" kind of feels like using Everest for an icon at Animal Kingdom. The theatre feels like a better icon to me thematically, and it's located centrally as an anchor point in the park, but it's architecturally complex and I don't know that if you made a cut out and stuck it on a shirt that the casual visitor would identify what or where it is. A park icon needs to be more than a visual landmark. It needs to be THE thing that is synonymous with that park.


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Still wish they would have put the BAH somewhere else, either in the courtyard outside the gate, or reconfigured the entrance to allow it take the place of crossroads on the world. Also, would have gotten rid of the Mickey gloves.


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Started a poll in the Universal section if anyone is interested.
It sounds silly but to me the lack of a central is one reason I think Universal Studios doesn’t work as well as a park. The main icons, the archway entrance and the globe are both outside. When you’re inside there is no one icon so it just feels less cohesive to me a collection of experiences around a lake without an anchor point. If you compare to World showcase (the closest Disney equivalent in terms of layout) you have American Adventure and Spaceship Earth as icons you can see and orientate yourself to as you go around


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My first instinct was to say the Chinese Theater (Theatre) which I voted for. But upon further reflection, I really think the Earful Tower would have/should have stayed as the main park icon. It's unique, and simultaneously says both Disney and Show business. Although, I don't know if everyone associates a water tower with movie studios.

I might have actually gone for the big blue sorcerer's hat if it had been placed somewhere else. Perhaps right out front to the side of the main entrance would have worked?

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For me I have to say the Chinese Theater, especially since it is at the center of the park and houses Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. I do love Tower of Terror and miss the Earful Tower.

Beacon Joe

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Out of all of those I'd have to choose the Chinese theatre. Technically it's the parks "weenie" in regard to seeing it as soon as you enter the park. But it just has this weird jarring in regard to the park's identity. It's moving away from the whole behind the scenes old style Holywood to whatever the hell it is now. A Disney+ celebration.

As much as i hated that hat, it really did suit the park as a better icon. it's a real shame it couldn't have been moved, or got reimagined as the hat with the ferris wheels to imitate mickeys ears. I read somewhere that Fantasmics rock stage was meant to mimic the hat and ears, but i'm not really buying it.

And the Hollywood tower as the parks icon is just plain no. no.


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Since Hollywood Studios is becoming Disney+ Land, how about they use a giant version of their distinctive blue buffering spinning wheel?

Heck, make it the east coast version of whatever they're calling the ferris wheel at California Adventure these days.

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