What should HS's icon be?

Which building at HS should be the park's icon?

  • Hollywood Tower Hotel

    Votes: 47 28.1%
  • The Chinese Theatre

    Votes: 111 66.5%
  • Animation Studios Archway

    Votes: 2 1.2%
  • Gertie

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Eisner's Left Big Toe

    Votes: 6 3.6%

  • Total voters

"El Magnifico"

Friend to the Friendless
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Prolly going to go with this:



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I think a giant blue hat would be perfect. Can't be much more of an eyesore than the Epcot barges .
I was going to mention that he left off a Big Blue Hat from the list.

It is unfortunate that it was placed where it was as it did look good in itself, and made a good icon back when animation was a real part of the park. Unfortunately it was about as well placed as a certain Aladdin spinner.

I don’t believe they have an appropriate icon - and they knew it too. That’s why they’ve used HTH ever since losing the hat.

I wonder what the right answer is....


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The Earffel Tower will always be it for me but since it no longer exist...the Chinese Theatre. It just says Disney MGM/Hollywood Studios to me.


It’s shame they couldn’t find a space for a new tower somewhere But at least it still exists in Paris.

With the Chinese theatre as the central icon again I’d bring back the handprint ceremonies with current celebs as well


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I still did not understand the logic of the big blue hat in front of GMR for a number of years at DHS.

My impression is that they wanted/tried to have an icon at the core of the park. I get it - that they didn’t want to (or couldn’t) use Hollywood’s landmark at their park’s icon.

I didn’t like the hat where is was, but 100 ft to the left could (possibly) have been fine.

I was a teenager when it was built and in my 4 trips during that era never recall seeing the earful tower. I knew that it was supposed to be the park’s icon but never spotted it but from the freeway (if memory serves)


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Disney icons are those items that are relatable to the park general themes, welcomes and draws the guests in, catches their attention and sets them up for the day of fun. The Chinese Theatre better fits those parameters unlike the others. Its long past history of celebrities, their films and and what it stands for, should put it clearly in as the park Icon. ( Despite whats housed inside.)

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