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What should be done with the Carrousel theater (Tomorrowland Expo Center) in Tomorrowland?

What should Disney do to the Carrousel theater space?

  • Keep it as exhibit space

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Mr. Johnson

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
The Carrousel theater has been underutilized ever since America Sings closed over 30 years ago with it either being closed or being exhibit space that barely have anyone vists. The most painful fact of all is that the former theater can no longer rotate. What should be done with those space?

Rich T

Well-Known Member
Demolish the building. Build something new, amazing and thrilling that all ages can enjoy-- Something that inspires creativity and fills guests with a sense of optimism for the future and the potential of the human race.

But we all know they're more likely to turn it into a gigantic DVC booth.


Well-Known Member
I'd scramble a couple of F-35s out of Edwards, armed with 25 mm GAU-12 Equalizer cannon and JDAM equipped munitions. That should do it.

choco choco

Well-Known Member
Make it the major theatre at Disneyland. Shows in the round (our legendary Hunchback show was exactly that). Demolish the Fantasyland K-Mart-Blue-Light-Special-Tent. Do something with that space.

Ismael Flores

Well-Known Member
Demolish it and build something new that will use the piece of land better. That circular building along with the structures connected to it like the old maintenance bay for the rocket rod needs to go and new structure rebuilt. That area needs a new look, repainting the existing structure has been done to many times and it doesn't change the feel of the structure


Well-Known Member
Demolish and build a 3 story sweeping structure to include Pizza Planet building. New retail, restaurants, and attraction entrance with queue. New ride will take over Autopia.
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