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What ride/area from overseas would you add to FL and where?


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I really want to see a camp discovery rope course obstacle course from shanghai come to the USA. Maybe it could work well in Epcot between land and seas pavilion, with a river rapids winding around/through it (also like in hai) that would be a cool display of r land and water coming together for 2 awesome attractions between land and seas pavilion


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We need Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW… our just any other version, because we have plenty of room but it got budget cut like crazy!

Roaring Rapids would be great… a similar ride layout would do great in Canada (Kali could be replaced by it, but there’s not much room over there).

Very unpopular opinion I’m sure, but Zootopia Land would be awesome at AK. Dinoland is just sad… people would argue that it’s just gotten worse, which is true, but it’s never been a great land to begin with. Dinosaur is one of my favorite rides, but most of the animatronics are static now to make the ride less scary… I think it’s sadly time for Dinoland to go extinct

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