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Every time we go through the Great Movie Ride and see the John Wayne scene, I wonder what movie that is from. I can't remember everything he says in that scene, but he says something about "I ain't fixin to get myself shot" or something like that. In the latest issue of "Celebrations", it says that the John Wayne scene in that ride is from "The Searchers". But I just finished watching that movie and not once did I see that scene or those lines in that movie.

So what the heck movie is that from??? It's driving me nuts! LOL


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My father is a John Wayne addict so I have seen most of his movies. Can't say for sure but it reminds me of either Rio Bravo or El Dorado. Basically the same movie not sure why made twice.


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It isn't from a specific movie. It's just kind of a pastiche of John Wayne's character in so many of his westerns. Same with Clint Eastwood (though it kinda looks like it's his costume from The Man With No Name trilogy). They used the Searchers trailer in the old pre-show but the lines said aren't from a particular film.

Now that I think of it... John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Cagney were all kind of just made up to resemble their characters but the lines were written by Disney show writers. Cagney's figure is wearing a suit based on a real one that Cagney's family donated to Disney for the Great Movie Ride. But those along with the "horror" scene were just to represent certain genres as opposed to certain movies. In the Cagney scene though The Public Enemy art can be seen and it is mentioned in the spiel that your guide gives.
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