What movie was huge when you last went to Disney?


At the time we went in April Wall-E had not yet come out and the hype wasn't that high. So we just had the standard parks.


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I don't remember any one movie being displayed that much... but I do remember that it seems all that was in our hotel gift shop (Wilderness Lodge) was HSM and HM.:brick:


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We went in May and I can honestly say i don't remember what movie was really big down there. Wall-E, Indiana Jones were both about to come out at that time, but as far as merchandise I would have to say the first Pirates movie.


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We're dated back to Enchanted...
We saw it about a month in the movie theater to get pumped up for our next WDW trip!
Also PotC 3 came out on DVD, so me and my dad went to DTD early that morning and got in line with all the other crazy people.
It was cold, but it was worth it! (we got neat free stuff!)


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not the last time we visited but on one occasion I remember seeing a big Stich at MGM when the first film came out, we had not encountered him before in the UK so went to see the movie at Down Town Disney, then spent days looking for a stitch soft toy for my youngest son which was harder than you would think...:veryconfu

10 days to go and counting................. POFQ


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Lilo and Stitch always seems to be huge when we go.

But as for current movies, I'd say the Pirates films and they were gearing up for Wall E.

Oh and we went once when Ratatouille was big during the Food and Wine fest and the decorations were great!

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