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What 'mountain' is your favorite in WDW and why???

Which 'mountain' is your favorite at WDW and why???

  • Splash Mountain

    Votes: 71 50.4%
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Votes: 20 14.2%
  • Space Mountain

    Votes: 26 18.4%
  • Expedition Everest

    Votes: 42 29.8%

  • Total voters


New Member
Does Dragon Mountain count even though it's not real. :cry:
If not I vote matterhorn, darn thats DLR.:cry:
I'll go with space mountain then, even thought it's goin through refurb.:cry:
This is all so unfair to me!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Active Member
Space Mountain, it always gives you a thrill, you never know how close you are to the other track and support beams (unless you've ridden it with the lights on).


Well-Known Member
Space for me. Splash Mountain has the greatest details out of any of them, BTMMR has a lot of nostalgia, and EE has some cool show scenes. I still prefer SM because it really gives you a unique feeling on it.


Splash. The themeing is EXQUISITE. Especially the queue. Plus it gives off such a happy Disney vibe ^^ (Not to mention it's the ride that lasts the longest XD)


Well-Known Member
I voted Big Thunder only because it was my very first roller coaster ever (it was one of the first rides I went on on my very first WDW trip when I was 4). Sentimental value goes a long way.

Matt and Kelly

Well-Known Member
Splash Mountain! I've stated many times that it has been my favorite since I was young. The theme is fantastic, the ride itself is awesome and the drop is way too much fun!

I could ride it over and over and not get bored.


New Member
I voted Thunder Mountain. I would ride that growing up with my dad. Now I ride it with my kids. Hopefully someday I will ride it with my grandkids! :)


Active Member
Splash...it is by far the best log flume ride around. The details they put into that ride are phenomenal. There is no other mountain around that match it for the immersion into the ride, EE comes close.


Well-Known Member

Splash Mountain is still my 'favorite' because of the excellent theming, immersive experience, and beautiful view of the rest of the park from the outdoor sections. I also appreciate how long the ride is - helping to distinguish it from so many other 'rides' that are over all-too-soon.


Well-Known Member
For me it's Space Mountain. I can remember waiting in line for hours with my dad as a kid. The star tunnel, the old school rockets with seat belts. Still my favorite to this day.

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