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What makes Disney such an attractive vacation destination...


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2 simple reasons IMHO, it is easy and fun. Is it the most fun vacation I have had or would like to have? No, 100% no, not even close. Real world travel beats any Disney trip hands down for adventure, fun, "making memories" and experiencing life to its fullest. And if you are trading off the time and money for WDW vs going on a real adventure I firmly believe that would be a mistake.

BUT it is a very easy vacation for a family, everyone will be at least moderately entertained, it is easy for picky eaters and non picky eaters to be happy, you never need to worry about finding a bathroom and you are literally surrounded by people who are being paid to make you happy and feel welcome. All of those are things you often don't get in the real world and for many people Disney is as much adventure as they are up for having in any case. If you are not sacrificing real world adventure in your life to do it, it is nice to escape to a synthetic reality once in a while. Of course beer does that too and for less money :)

I'm still very much looking forward to my summer trip, even though I know it is all fake nonsense. Though I will be spending quite a bit of time visiting Florida's state parks after I leave WDW so that I get a dose of natural beauty and unplanned "memories" too before I head back to the daily grind of work life.

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