What little things that WDW used to do/have do you miss?


  • Beaches and Cream when it was less congested and the burgers were made from Yachtsman trimmings (and only cost $4.50!)
  • No fences around Stormalong Bay
  • Ariel's
  • Nightly jazz trio in Beach Club lobby
  • Old Epcot - close to zero of the new attractions are improvements over the former ones.
  • WDW before 9/11 which brought about security checks and cost-cutting because of the suffering industry
  • Color-code flags on buses
  • Disney Village Marketplace
  • News from Civilization
  • Fiesta Fun Center arcade and movie theater
  • Top of the World brunch buffet
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I'm not creating this thread to bash the current state of WDW, but there are a lot of things that used to be done that have been stopped or cut for various reasons. I'm just curious what some people miss.

I really miss the bus stop near the Christmas store. Now if you take the bus from the resorts, you have to walk forever to get to World of Disney, Ghiradelli, etc.

I miss the pretty printed napkins in the restaurants. The super-thin, brown scraps now are depressing! I miss the balloons available at the resort desks. I miss the courtesy wheelchairs available at the resorts for an evening when someone has overdone.

I miss the cast outfits at Small World (Red and blue with hat).

I miss the Pooh shop at Downtown Disney.

I miss the jewelry shop in the castle and the silversmith shop in Frontierland.

I miss the balloon decorations on the Disney buses.


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Question - Speaking of little things, we tried twice to get transportation trading cards last year, but none were available as they were being "redone". Assuming that was correct information, does anyone know if that's happened?


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1) Innoventions- it was so nice to do all of the small attractions inside in the AC after you had finished the outer pavilions. Without them, Future World feels lacking
2)Old Test Track's queue- it was so much more dynamic and alive and not so boring when compared to the current one
3)The previous narrator of the monorail and the buses- he had so much more personality than the new one


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Little things (some here seem to have
misunderstood the question, E-ticket rides are not exactly little things) at WDW that I miss include:

A uncongested Adventureland Plaza (I HATE the stupid flying carpets)
Steeldrum band in Caribbean Plaza.
Barker Bird at the Tiki Room.
Skippers on the JC that SHOOT at hippos with their guns.
Souvenir maps for sale (showing the PRESENT PARKS)
Chicken Penne Alfredo in the Eyerythings Pop foodcourt at the Pop Century.
Self service for soft serve swirls at Captain Cooks.
Resort specific refillable mugs!
Resort specific beach towels.
The Polynesians original lobby (if that is not a little thing anymore I apologize)
The firing cannons outside PotC.
Aunt Pollys on TSI.
XXL jumbo mugs at the Emporium (the present jumbo mugs are NOT XXL anymore)
EXCELLENT air conditioning in all Disney gift shops and restaurants.
Disney parks being Frozen free environments.
And a lot more...

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It's a big thing I miss. I miss the idea that WDW once had that adults could have fun at Disney World--not just children and families. Disney needs Pleasure Island again in the same way that Universal needs Citywalk. Disney needs the Adventurers Club to return. And a comedy club. And exciting nightclubs. Have they learned nothing from Universal and Las Vegas?
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I miss Off Kilter in Canada, I miss the street performers there in Epcot, I did not see them either in Hollywood Studios when there in July and I have not see or heard the piano player at Caseys. I really miss the days WITHOUT Fast Passes and planing 60 days out. And most of the things others miss. It just is not like Disney World anymore, its a different detached feel , Maybe I just go too much and miss it all..


I miss when Disney used to care about the upkeep of their attractions...ie the Footlight Parade scene, the Yeti etc etc etc
and the bathroom and just the park in general used to be sparkling and CM were always working at it. I do not remember the last time I saw one working at cleaning

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  • Color-code flags on buses

Ah, yes-there was something kinda cool about saying "You take the brown flagged bus to the green flag bus.."
And thanks so much to the person who reminded me the attraction I was thinking of was called "Timekeeper". I had this hope that after Robin Williams died, they might figure out how to resurrect this in his honor.


The "Brittany" clothes on a "Rosie O'Donnell" body! Tights as pants, undershirts worn as the only shirt, tall heels ( you know you've seen them and cringe when they get near to any of the street car rails), the list goes on and on. Its not public spectacle or advertisement for any particular services a guest might be making... there are plenty of bizarre things to gawk at already... Talking Mice the size of people, Dogs , etc.
Pretty much everyone at Disney lately Just sit down on a bench and watch.

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and the bathroom and just the park in general used to be sparkling and CM were always working at it. I do not remember the last time I saw one working at cleaning
Cleanliness around any theme park is hit or miss. Custodial CMs work very hard and I see them all around the parks at all times. In no way am I demeaning them but yes I do agree that on some days there is dip in the cleanliness of the parks. A lot of it are the slob guests who don't clean up after themselves. There are trash bins every few feet! Why is it so difficult to throw away your trash in the trash bins!?!?! It especially infuriates me at QSRs. Rant over.


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I haven't read all the replies so I apologize if this is repetitive but I miss turn down service complete with mints on the pillows and towel animals every day at the Beachj Club. I don't know if they did it everywhere but they always did this at Beach when my kids were little.

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