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What is your favorite subtle detail from any attraction?


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I’m going to venture a little further with missing the old steam train that used to cruise around Fort Wilderness. In some areas I think you can still see some of the tracks.
Over at POTC, before Jack Sparrow was added at Disneyland, you could see pirates struggling to pull treasure up some stairs. But lying in the treasure is a portrait of the original "Pirate Captain", if anyone has a clear photo of that, let me know.


I never liked or trusted Owl much. Though Owl had his good points. And I didn't dislike Owl nearly as much as I actively disliked Rabbit and wished for his demise at the hand of the heffalumps or woozels.

I wouldn't be surprised if Owl connived Mr. Toad into a making bad real estate deal. Then heartbroken after realizing he got tricked out of his estate for a second time, Toad quickly ended up in that pet cemetary.
Owl always seemed like he was trying to hard...very pretentious IMO, lol. Rabbits have always been my favorite animal since I was a child, but Rabbit from 'Winnie the Pooh' got a little annoying at times. He's one of the more complex characters from that series, so maybe it was my younger self not understanding that individuals have layers to them 😜


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lying in the treasure is a portrait of the original "Pirate Captain", if anyone has a clear photo of that, let me know.
Do you have any images of this at all? I've never heard of this.. I'm curious now.
It's not this portrait, right?

(Courtesy of Martin)
Here. Now looking at it, I'm not sure if it is him, I'll show a photo of the animatronic.


  • Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean (Pre-Sparrow) - YouTube - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge 9_6...png
    Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean (Pre-Sparrow) - YouTube - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge 9_6...png
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I guess there are differences, the portrait is wearing a tricorn, while the animatronic is wearing the classic jolly roger hat. There is a difference with the coat as well. It looks blue, while the other is red. And the portrait doesn't have a braided beard.


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There's a few for me...
  • Not really an attraction, but I always loved how the mailboxes on Main Street are actual functioning mailboxes.
  • On Splash Mountain when the lyrics change from "Pretty Good Sure as You're Born" to "Time to be turin' around" as you get closer to final drop.
  • As many have already said, the music from The Tower of Terror is unmatched. (If you have SiriusXm Radio, tune to the 40s station; it often takes me back to the The Tower of Terror.)
  • The Igloo coolers and other safari equipment on the Kilimanjaro Safaris trucks.


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That used to be the location of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride which took up space where both Winnie the Pooh and Princess Fairytale Hall is now (there were two tracks). Pooh occupies the approximate location of the "left" track of Mr. Toad. But I guess your question is "Why Owl?" Probably from how owls are usually portrayed as being smart, etc. Even in the Tootsie Pop commercial, the kid is asking an owl how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop.

I thought Princess Fairy Tale Hall occupies the space that once housed Snow White's Scary Adventures?


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At the end of the dance studio sequence with Daisy as instructor on MMRR, as the cars exit the room and Daisy is basically out of sight, you hear Daisy cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. Supposedly the podium where Daisy is standing is the exact spot where the Wicked Witch “melted” in the scene from The Great Movie Ride.

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