What is the worst ride in Epcot? (Quality-wise)

What is the worst ride in Epcot? (quality)

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"worst" is such an extreme word. "least awesome" would make me more comfortable as all of those attractions, at least the first time experiencing, are cool.


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It's Gran Fiesta tour, not grand, and what is wrong with the 24 people who actually think this is the worst ride in all Epcot? It has a beautiful river, a boat ride, a mayan pyramid, lots to look at, a great song, various representations of Mexico (Mexico city, the Mayans, Acapulco in its former glory, markets, day of the dead, food) and last but not least, the three caballeros themselves, straight out of some of the most historically and culturally interesting movies walt Disney did.

But Ok, if you'd rather go on frozen ever after, that's cool.

It's a much better ride than It's a Small World, that's for sure.
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