What is the worst pixar movie ?

Rich T

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Good Dinosaur, definitely. The Sam Elliott T-Rex is the only good thing in the entire film.
Finding Dory is a close 2nd. What a shameless, unimaginative cash-in.


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Car 2 has the lowest
  • 'Fresh' score,
  • critics' rating score
  • audience rating score
  • CinemaScore
It would have easily been the biggest money loser if it didn't have the appeal of Cars 1 fooling people into seeing it.

Cars 3 scores come in next to last, but, they're generally good-to-mixed scores.

Surprisingly, The Good Dinosaur scored higher than Cars 3 with generally good scores. But that's compared to movies in general. Pixar movies usually get very very high scores, and so, in comparison, the Good Dinosaur's scores look bad.



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The worse is far and away The Good Dinosaur IMHO. Just a chore to even get through. I actually can't even remember huge chunks of the movie because I zoned out due to it being so boring. I'd actually rate Brave as the next worse (still cannot believe that won the Oscar over Wreck It Ralph).

Cars 2 is certainly a poorly made movie, but its watchable in a mindless entertaining way. I mean, it has funny moments and the characters are still decent. And at least it draws from a solid predecessor so there's an existing emotion tie to most of the characters. I'm certainly not defending it - it deserves its rotten score and the plot is terrible and its basically a feature length toy commercial but I much prefer it to The Good Dinosaur.
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